Simple steps to do marketing for your courier business

Delivery and shipping is one of the most important and fastest growing businesses at a global level. This is also due to the increase in online shopping trends. A lot of people are purchasing products, such as electronic and even groceries from online stores. This has resulted into growth for courier businesses.

There requires courier companies to effectively market their services to the customers. Fortunately, there are multiple ways. Whether your company is helping customers to send packages to Canada or any other country, it is imperative that the services are marketed properly.

Here are simple steps for effective marketing.

Go digital

This is the first and foremost thing that you need to do. It can effectively help in promoting the courier services. You need to be online. A lot of people contact courier services through online mediums. There is a large market which functions only on online platforms. This means that you need to focus on the digital marketing aspects. Try to connect and engage with customers on a digital level. Social media, in this regard, is one of the most effective marketing tools that can be accessed by the courier delivery services.

Collaborate with other businesses

It is always a good idea to collaborate with other businesses to ensure that your courier business grows. Courier companies have huge clients. It is important for you to be social on a business level. In order to be competitive, it is essential that you collaborate with other businesses only and tap into their networks. If you collaborate with them, different business opportunities will show up. You can offer special services to those companies which have collaborated with you. Special packages and prices can be offered to attract more customers.

Be active

Being active is the most important marketing tip for all the courier businesses out there. Companies which are not active are missing out on a lot of opportunities. The credibility that you will set in the industry will be determined by your activity levels. Customers only see services as reliable if they are actively working towards their reputation. Invest in setting up credibility. Take part in different social events. Join different professional organizations, associations and certifications. Being active in this regard will create your name in  the industry and help you market the services in a more effective manner.


The more you network, the more customers you get. This is a general rule in the courier industry. Courier services can benefit a lot as a result of networking. It is a remarkable way in which you can promote the business. Go and meet different people. Meet CEOs and high level employees of other businesses which may be in need of your courier services. Meet the supply and logistics managers of different businesses. Look if the relevant commerce departments are hosting events. Doing so will help you expand your mindset as well and get in touch with potential customers.


The importance of the animated video format in modern marketing

Video is the best way to present a product to a wide audience of people, especially trending animated video. Many brands are using video as the advertising tool for their promotional purposes. In this article, we will talk about some new approaches to the creation of animated video content or 2d animation for different kinds of brands and businesses.

Video marketing is growing and helps people to get more information on a specific product within a short period of time. The rise of video popularity tendency is understandable. It’s easier to watch a short clip than read a whole article about a certain product.

It’s possible to say, that the video is the best way to communicate with a big audience and share the content within a couple of minutes. Most of the modern brands use videos as the key feature for their digital marketing strategy. Almost any company in 2020 has built its promotional campaign with the help of different variations of video clips.

It’s easy to see, that every brand should invest money in 2d animated video creation to make sure, that the promotional campaign will be successful. With each day to come, consumers watch even more video ads, thanks to social networks and television. This number will increase with every next year.

It’s a good sign for those people, who are involved in the animated video creation process. They will always have something to work on, as videos are widely required already. At some point, it’s possible to call the video a subject of a competition. Every company would like to have a better video advertisement, than the other one. Each brand will build his own strategy on how to get attention from the audience of clients. There are going to be more reasons why a particular company should hire a whole team dedicated to the process of video making.

What makes videos even greater, it’s going to be far easier for huge brands to investigate a strategy of competitors, analyze it, and create even more creative video marketing strategy. Brands have dramatically changed over the last couple of years in terms of communication with the audience, so it’s important to follow trends and do whatever it takes to create the best and memorable video. The hardest aspect of the creation process – it’s hard to pick only one way of how to build up a marketing strategy from scratch.

Why video duration is so important?

The most important task of the video – to get the attention of the viewer. To make sure, that people are going to be focused on the subject of what they are watching. Long videos are bad for marketing. Marketers have created a short-form standard for modern media. The shortness of the video is like a requirement. But like all other trends, it’s going down and everything can change for good during 2020.

It’s obvious, that in the world like ours when people don’t have much time to have a peaceful breakfast, it’s better to watch a minute-long video than spend hours on a big-budget presentation. Brands need to find a perfect balance between emotional connection with the viewer and time he will need to spend on watching a video. More than that, the video should be identified with the brand, but to develop a theme, the company needs bigger longevity.

There is a number of researches, that show how long videos can be more engaging for some types of storytelling and narrative methods. It’s easier to memorize a video, that has a specific emotional color associated with a particular brand, than watching unconnected series of short clips.

By getting the attention of the viewer with a long video will be better in terms of monetization. Focused viewing is going to help in forming a brand’s image.

Social media cannot survive without video content

In the last couple of years, people became obsessed with videos. Most of the modern social media are based on different clips, that are dedicated to different kinds of texts and pictures. It’s safe to say, that videos are going to become even more popular and necessary for social media in the next couple of years.

Using videos across all social pages and websites is going to impact the future of marketing. Brands will focus more on creating never before seen visual products, rather than spending time on developing a new logo or label.

Putting a single video on all kinds of social media will be effective and necessary to build a good image for the brand. It’s easy to create multiple narratives and their story to engage the viewer in the action.

People can rely on what they see on the screen by simply seeing good enough characters and funny storyline. It’s recommended for brands to think about implementing the video in their marketing strategy in all possible ways.

What about live video? Can it affect the marketing strategy?

There is a theory, that live video can be even more effective, than a standard format. There are reasons for that. With the help of the live video, it’s easier to interact with the audience, without any kind of scripts. More than that – people are much more involved in the action, as they can feel, that they can change the game by asking their own questions about the brand, certain products, etc. Live video is also much more effective, thanks to the fact, that it follows internet roots – total freedom and intentness.

But it’s important to admit, that live video has substantially different rules than those of the classic ones. These videos can work differently, depending on what social media has been used to arrange the broadcast. By using an Instagram, it will be possible to not only stream a live session with millions of viewers but also to same this video in the stories, to make sure, that other people will be able to watch it any time they want to. The same thing goes to Facebook or YouTube. They all work differently and it’s important to find advantages of each platform. The live video format is going to become much more popular in the following year, so be sure to pay attention to it.

Customers need to have a chance of buying things instantly, right after watching a video

Yeah, you heard it right – people need to have a link, that would redirect them to the online shop page with a product, that was promoted for them. Interactive buying should be a part of a watching experience.

It’s worth to mention, that when it comes to YouTube, even now, there are tons of video promotions all over the platform and channel owners often use a video review of a certain item to leave a link for purchasing a product. It can be opened right from the personal computer, smartphone, tablet, or any other device.

Creating content for a specific platform

In the modern age, it becomes obvious, that video should be created for a specific platform in a specific period. A lot of content is associated with a particular social media platform, like “stories” on Instagram.

A lot of companies invest their money in new forms of interactive promotion, like videos from bloggers or individual celebrities. It’s hard to predict what audience will view the video if it’s going to be shown on television in prime time. But it’s obvious, that if the video was ordered from a blogger, it’s going to impact a specific viewing audience. It’s going to be a much better money spending option.

It’s hard to pick only one way of how to promote a product with the help of a video. The online presence of the video should be adapted for the specific platform.

How vlogs have impacted the marketing?

Vloggers have become the new profession, that every internet user is dreaming about. Vlogs have impacted not only entertainment but also marketing. It becomes easier to sell the product to clients by ordering a promo integration in one of the vlogs on YouTube or Instagram. There are a lot of ways of how such a format of promotion can work.

The video can be not only interesting to watch, but also funny to interact with

It’s easy to see, that videos have become much more interactive than they have ever been. At least now, people, who feel like they are interested in buying a particular product, can get more information on it by swiping up in the app or by following a link represented on the screen of their devices. There are even 360 videos, created for VR glasses users. Virtual Reality is a new trend, that can really change the game and create new possibilities for content makers.

Even videogames use their platforms to promote a specific product in the interactive format. Games like Fortnite allow gamers to visit a virtual concert or party with exclusive content waiting for them right in the middle of the action.

Search engines will be optimized to include animated videos

By searching for some advice, people would like to get an instant response, which would be helpful enough. Videos have become the best way to describe a certain thing or represent a solution for the particular situation. It’s good to see, that search engines, like Google, have been optimized to include results in the form of YouTube videos.

DIY and educational animated videos

Thanks to the video format, it becomes much easier for the average person to get acknowledged and educate himself without going anywhere. It’s a massive trend to learn new languages by googling for online video courses. It’s easy to see, that educational videos are in demand. They are really popular and can be used as a new marketing tool. In the right hands, it can create a lot of incredible possibilities. By creating unique educating content, it’s possible to get attention from a wide audience of users. They will feel invested in what they see on the screen.

Ads will change its format, depending on a specific product

The user is always interested to see, what he’s about to buy. Especially, when he’s trying to buy it online. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality will help the average consumer to see how a certain product looks in person.


The Internet has dramatically changed many everyday things, like videos and animations. Only a couple of years ago, companies used to create average content for TV commercials, but now they are searching for creative ways of how to get attention from viewers’ audiences. The reason why brands should be focused on videos is simple – it’s the easiest way of how to perfectly describe the product or the whole company. With a short clip or a long video, it’s going to be easier to promote even a specific event. There are many social media platforms available for millions of people from around the world. Thanks to the modern marketing tools, it’s not going to be hard to create a couple of versions of the same video for different regions. Depending on the country in which the video has been launched, the viewer will see the local version.

It’s hard to use only one animated video format to create a brand image. There are live video streams, 2d and 3d animation, motion graphic videos, VR and AR videos, and even short clip “stories”. It’s better to hire a group of people, who would analyze the best thing for the digital marketing strategy of a certain company.


Epic Translation Mistakes Made by Big Brands

Achieving success in international markets depends on a large number of factors. For companies to succeed in a global marketplace, they need to work on strategies that align with the larger interest of the target markets.

Companies invest a lot of money, time and effort in building their brand’s reputation. But when it comes to global expansion, there is a very delicate balance in terms of timing and understanding the cultural nuances that need to be maintained. Any mistake here and the brand names takes a serious beating.

Exporting your brand abroad is a major challenge and the path is strewn with pitfalls. Companies need to be really careful not to offend the socio-cultural sensitivities of the target audience. Each country has its own system of beliefs, values ​​and principles. When a company launches an advertising campaign abroad, it must take all the necessary measures not to “shock” the target market, and therefore discredit its brand.

Easy? Not really! Translating a slogan or exporting your brand abroad is not easy. The translation represents a challenge for any linguist, since it requires creativity and imagination. But not just that – the translator must also understand the culture of the target market so as not to make mistakes that could discredit the content of a brand.

While some brands have understood the lesson, and today favor the use of the services of a professional translation company, others, on the other hand, learn the lesson after burning a pile of cash and facing humiliation in new markets …

Here are our top 7 marketing translation mistakes!

  1. General Motors’ “working car”

When Chevrolet launched its advertising campaign for the Chevy Nova in South America, the brand did not immediately realize that “no VA” means “does not work “, “does not start” in Spanish.

This miserable situation provoked mockery from the Spanish-speaking population and this error in marketing translation was the primary cause of the disastrous sales of Nova in Latin America.

The brand finally decided to rename it to the Caribe (“Caribbean”) model, and sales finally took off!

  1. KFC wants to cut your fingers

The fast food brand KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) made a fairly significant marketing translation error when it set up in China in 1987.

Indeed, KFC translated its slogan “finger licking good” (“good to lick their fingers”, in French) to “we will cut your fingers “or “eat your fingers “in Chinese.

Not very reassuring…

  1. The brand that “fears”

The Scandinavian brand Electrolux probably made one of the worst linguistic mistakes by creating an advertising campaign whose slogan was “Nothing sucks like an Electrolux “.

The brand obviously did not realize that the sentence “it sucks” has a very different meaning in English!

  1. The marketing translation “Do you make milk?”

The ADA (American Dental Association) wanted to export its “Got Milk? In Mexico to encourage the consumption of cow’s milk.

Unfortunately, not everything went as planned since the slogan was translated into Spanish as “Do you make milk?” Or “Are you in the lactation period?”.

Another translation error that cost the brand a lot of money…

  1. “Kekoukela?

Coca-Cola, the international brand of refreshing drinks experienced the joys of translation errors when it came to finding a slogan for its advertising campaign in China.

By literally translating “Coca-Cola” to “Kekoukela”, the brand did not realize that this term meant “toad stuffed with wax” in certain dialects … Not really tempting!

The translators then found the expression “Kokoukole” which, meanwhile, means “happiness in the mouth “.

  1. A very innovative airline

The American Airlines airline gives us another good example of an advertising flop with the campaign launched in Mexico to promote the new leather seats of its aircraft.

When trying to translate “Fly in leather”, the company made a mistake by entering “Vela encore” which means “Fly naked”. Why not!

  1. The Honda “Fitta”

The automotive sector is often affected by translation errors!

In 2001, the famous Honda brand decided to market the Honda “Fitta” in Europe. The brand hadn’t realized that “Fitta” was a common slang word in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland.

The name of the car was eventually changed to Honda “Jazz”.

These classic translation mistakes show one thing for sure – finding success in international markets depends on careful planning in terms of the market entry strategy and communication that is in line with the cultural nuances, backed by thorough research about the market and its target audience.


Ten best print marketing materials to increase sales

In today’s world, traditional print marketing is considered to be an outdated method to work on and has been put on the back, which is simply not a better idea. Only because every other person is roaming around with a mobile phone and the digital device does not give less worth to the traditional marketing method.

With the growing writing material being so handy contributes a sense of acknowledgement to the growth of digital media, so, you will just think that print marketing materials would stay secondary or will be considered inferior, correct?

Here comes the need to give a second thought to it. And why is that? There is no doubt on the role of digital market approaching the field of advertising, and you can still begin to use the custom marketing materials as a lead for promoting print marketing and utilize it for generating sales and increase more profit for your business.

There is an entire world which explains to you how to market your goods and facilities/services by using print marketing tactics. Here, we have summed up some of the most productive and successful kinds to pervade your goods with a style and innovation.

So, let’s begin to discuss the marketing materials. Even in this digital era, print marketing approach is loved by people as it is less burden on the pocket. In this article, you are going to get the best marketing concepts that can be used to create marketing materials for your business. So let’s jump right into it and learn about the ten best printing materials to increase sales.


Marketing materials are the bits and pieces that you use to connect your marketing to customers. Printing marketing materials play an essential part in making a desirable impression.

But, you need to make this sure that anyone who meets by your ideas of marketing catches the actual picture. Here are some of the essential tools that will eventually lead you towards standing out in the market and make you a brand. They serve as a medium to help you convey your desired marketing message, merge your product and validate your contributions. These items may include printed products like business cards, brochures, banners, flags, signs, catalogues and even billboards can be categorized as tools for marketing. Other persuasive marketing strategies may include things like customized shirts, mugs and bags.


As humans have a very short span of attention, it will take just seconds for them to decide whether they want to see your drive and sense the actual impact which can influence them or not. So, it is an essential element to take hold of their attention as soon as possible. The basic idea is to make things crystal clear, catchy and make people comprehend the idea easily.

An elegant way to visually appeal your customers is to focus on enhancing the writing by using the bold font and excessive writing in capitalization, which can stand out from the rest. Use of words which can serve as a greater impact should be practised. Words should be short and to the point.

Colour selection and designs also play a vital role here. Previous studies have been verifying the importance of effective colours in marketing. Primary colours are suitable for promoting the message that helps for achievement in delivering the message.


Your business card might be considered as one of the least attentive marketing material in a print field, but it carries a huge amount of weightage. They are ignored often but are very strong if executed in the right manner.

Influence your customer with this tip. Think about the ideas that can make them catch your attention and exhibit your passion with the simple text on your cards.

Now, it is no longer suitable just to leave your name and phone number on the card, you need to start playing them up a little. You should add a QR code that leads the person to have access on your resume directly.

A QR is the latest method which is important to link them with you directly on the internet. So, start getting yourself updated with impressive interacting techniques that promptly express your passion for generating the client.


All can send a simple white envelope in the post, but does it pay enough worth to your brand?

Customized envelopes give a sense of professionalism and competency to your printed material. Branded envelopes let your receiver know about the exact source from where it is coming and depicts professionalism. The amount of effort you put into creating it from printing a coloured logo to the paper quality displays your devotion in your business.

Whatever you plan to send in the mail including the prospectus, sales letters, cards, bills and other information should be driven in a branded envelop.


One of the classic ways to heat up your print marketing is through brochures. It is required by every business to let their customers have detailed information about their company.

They serve to be beneficial if displayed in a laymen’s way with a crisp and neat use of helpful language which gives a sense of quick imagination.


Catalogues are imagined to be the huge, heavy sized book. But, most of the customers having a shorter span of time makes catalogue a casual way to climax your most profit attaining items. Customers tend to keep them for a longer period of time with them compared to a visit to the website.

Many people are more relaxed spending time in a catalogue than using the internet. Also, catalogues have a higher holding rate than a typical website does.


To send a note which says thank you with a business card lets the client acknowledge you and gives them a vibe which shows your care and courtesy towards them, which is the ultimate goal. It also offers a platform where the client can give his/her feedback.


This is an effective way to inform your vision of upcoming services and products to many contacts and will continue to pass along. It can contribute a big amount of integrity to your brand and can lead you towards a long-lasting impression on your client if done in an efficient manner.


Folders make a greater impact on everyone each time they look at it. It helps in creating awareness in mind for a longer projection. Insertion of flyers, pricing material inside a customized folder will enhance the presentation and will keep the documents stay together at a place safely.


This is a bit expensive way to make the details look attractive with correct binding and will let the client know that you have invested a good amount in making it look effective. You can also consider printing the booklets that can be easily wrapped in each way.


It is a stage show of skills, products and upcoming dealings. It is simply your own creativity. It is a great source to promote direct sales, deals and other aspects linked with it.

You can begin to spread the appearance of your brand to others by giving them a look at useful things such as mugs, t-shirts, pens, bags and notebooks.


The main lead towards success in your print marketing materials to increase sales is to make sure that your message is delivered in a simplified manner keeping all the elements reliable with the overall branding. Ok, so if you are already inspired you are ready to go!


10 Reasons why you need an acoustic panel

It is always a man’s dream to decorate its house and make it look like the promised land. Not only your home, but it can be offices, schools or any other place as well. For that, you require many different types of materials for many purposes, such as constructing, waterproofing and soundproofing, etc. Soundwave can be annoying sometimes when they spread out in your room. For that, you may require soundproofing. there are many materials you can use according to your feasibility

Other than diffusers and bass traps, acoustic panels are used for acoustic treatment. Acoustic panels are sound-absorbing panels that can be used for many areas for controlling and reducing is made up of the special foam which is known to reduce the amplitude of waves. Many companies design acoustic panels, which helps you to change the dynamics of your room and create a better sonic experience. One of them is autex that sell a large variety of acoustic wall panels and acoustic ceiling tiles. This company also sells online and does free shipping Australia wide to create the best customer relationship. Acoustic panels are generally used for places when the eco or sound resonance of a room is high. The other reason can be to decorate your home. Therefore, it is necessary not to mix as there is a wide difference between soundproofing and acoustic treatment of your walls.

Before we dive in, let’s give a thought on how your needs and desires are completely fulfilled by lots of innovations. Other than using soundproof curtains and ear defenders, here comes the need for the acoustic panel. So, let’s talk about some reasons why you should give a second thought on buying acoustic panels:


Correcting the acoustics of a room improves the visual appearance of your home and acoustic comfort as well. Untreated rooms often have uneven frequencies which can lead to disturbance. When it comes to flexibility, acoustic panels come in two different types:

  • Metal Wall-mounted panels
  • Gobos or moveable baffles

Firstly, wall-mounted panels are used for the overall purposes of a study or a home. secondly, gobos or moveable baffles are used for the portioning of musical instruments. Moreover, you can use acoustic walls on your door, ceilings, windows, etc. it is also available for every room type for the example bedroom, hall room or orchestra room. acoustic panels also come in different textures, such as:

  • Plasterboard
  • Wood
  • Aluminium
  • Polyester
  • Fabric
  • Timber
  • Printed
  • Plastic
  • moss

Key features

Echoing sound gives the impression that the background noise is irritating enough to live peacefully. This leads to a lack of concentration in the room and can result in fatigue and tiredness. It proves you room for the isolation if you’re an introvert and like being in your room. The best thing about acoustic panel is that it comes in many different sizes, shapes, and colours. Most panels sound absorbing features depend on its thickness and thinness. The other features can be that it is made up of different surfaces which can be flat, wedged or pyramid type Acoustic panels are also lightweight. The important things are that acoustic panels are designed to absorb sounds from mid to high frequencies only.

Material and Durability

Architects and interior designers are generally very observant when it comes to decorating the homes. Due to this reason, the market place is covered with materials with a good sense of style and durability. When we talk about the acoustic panel’s material, it consists of acoustic foam or an open-celled foam or a single colour or fabric. You can also choose perforated wood acoustic panels. These materials are always known to give a classy outlook, elegance, and sophistication. Both of them are easily adjustable and diffusible according to your style. The durability can be tested on the matter that acoustic panels are highly used in:

  • Churches
  • Synagogues
  • Libraries
  • Museums
  • Bars and restaurants
  • Hospitals
  • Conference rooms

Create or install on your own

Regardless of the idea that you can buy acoustic panels online or from a shop. There is always a helping way which can be o design your only requires your creativity, material and time. Other than creating, you can also install acoustic panels on your home, without anyone’s help. For that, you may require some adhesives, gules and sticking substances with more durability. However, don’t forget to not tear out our panels which can cause damage to your paint. Don’t forget to measure twice and stick once.

Cheap cost

So you have your ideal set up of your studio home, but then you don’t have a good quality acoustic panel in your home which may result in poor noiselessness. That’s why it is necessary to buy panels that are cheap and also of very good material. Although buying these panels can be challenging as well as time taking. Foam wedges are cheap then fibreglass insulation panels. Fiberglass board requires a frame to protect it from breaking or collapsing. On the other hand, acoustic foam is strongly resistant to maintain its worth. For choosing rightly, you can create a rating chart of all the companies providing acoustic panels. On the other hand, you can also ask around people for suggestions and reviews.

Easy to reach

For knowing the best acoustic panel, people always visit websites and fill their forms about their desired panels. You can also put images of your drawing and plans for suggestions. Within some time, different designers and companies can join you to discuss the projects with lots of recommendations. Once you are persistent, you can start renovating and enhancing your home.


Have you ever considered its importance, need, and how the modern world is changing? Therefore, the modern world is introducing users to innovations. Now it is our responsibility to explore those options. These acoustic sound panels initial priority is to make your home better. The other priority can be to create a peaceful environment to produce great mixes. If you need to find out how many acoustic panels you are required for your room, you can always online room acoustics analysis website. This way, you can also be able to get an opinion and information.


Trending marketing methods in 2020

Ever heard of the term marketing? As it is one of the trendiest and important terms used by many people nowadays. Marketing comes in a variety of flavours based on media platforms and today’s dynamic market place.

On the other hand, marketing refers to some activities undertaken by a company or an organization to promote the buying or selling of a product. That activity can be in the form of advertising, selling, branding, and delivering products. A marketing basis is on the communication process that creates value for customers and clients; This is the reason why old marketing methods have failed to give a clear idea of products and the concept behind it. The new marketing strategies and methods are in revised forms that convey the message and the idea proportionally. The marketing method and strategies are made based on research and development. The marketing depends on some major factors, that can be:

  • Product
  • Price
  • Place
  • Promotion

For the launching of a product or brand in the market place, remember that the product should be creative. The price should follow the price penetration strategy to create hold in the marketing place. You should be well aware of the place you are launching the desired product. Also, note down which types of promotions will you prefer and what are the expenses of those promotions. For this purpose, there are some companies for featuring your brands. One of them is the Compendium Planet. The main feature of this company is promotional compendiums and that it delivers Australia wide within five days only. Therefore, it is very important to understand the market and its insights. The first major thing to keep in mind is the niche or need in the market place. There are many aspects of marketing methods to ponder over, which are as follows:

The three aspects of marketing:

These both have embraced the new marketing concepts, and however, there is a wide variety of differences between them.

  • Digital or online marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Print marketing

Digital marketing is a platform that requires electronic channels for promoting its products. An example can be the internet. But on the other hand, social media marketing is itself a component of digital marketing. It uses social media as a platform to reach customers. examples can be Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Print marketing also carries great weight in today’s trendy world. The example of print marketing can be articles, newspaper, and magazines that are published.

Trending marketing methods:

These marketing methods focus on digital, social media and well print marketing. The types of trendy methods you can follow are:


The main idea of marketing is to create a brand presence and hold in the market. For this purpose, you can start reviewing and commenting on the product as well as the rating. You can do this practice regularly and also earn through it. Eventually, you are going to come across some newsworthy products to create its presence in the market place.

Creating video tutorials

Fans and followers love to be treated and keep in check. You can upload DIY hacks regarding your product. Also, you can make videos on how to open the product box and how to keep it safe and long-lasting. You can also hire vloggers and bloggers for the initial establishment of your product videos.


Hiring around 5-10 influencers can give you a massive output for marketing. You can partner with them or can provide free products for testing. The other idea is that you can also arrange a show, calling out influencers in front of a large amount of audience. Do not forget to select the influencers that are preferred and liked by the people.


Everyone knows that Advertisements is the best way for inbound marketing. Advertisements are a huge term and can be followed digitally or printing measures. The examples can be newsletters, brochures, and billboards. Advertisements can be created with lots of creativity to attract consumers and motivate them to buy. You can hire a graphic designer for these purposes. You can also promote your advertisements through social media channels and telecommunications. There are many websites for broadcasting your product or brand.

Creating contacts

The other way you can do your marketing is by creating your contacts and talking to other people. This way, you can create your presence, show your personality as well as market your brand or product; This is one of the easiest business techniques for marketing.

Email marketing and newsletters

Email marketing and newsletters are one of the ways that shape the contours of the market. You get enough email links from any computer scientist or any website. You can attach the discount coupon in the newsletter and make it look unique. You can also attach card details and signature as well as customize items.


It is never too late to run a contest or a is a great way of marketing by awarding people with prizes. The prizes can be laptops, signature outfits or customized belongings. You can also launch a lucky draw to attract customers.


The tweet is the game-changer for a brand or can reach instantly to lots of people around the world. For example, twitter. You can also create your platform for tweeting about your preferences and likeliness.


The hashtag is one of the ways to ride the wave of influence. You can create your hashtag and hire people to make it famous and use it. You can also arrange some influencers to honour your hashtag and explain the core meaning behind it. Creating the hashtag prominence among people is the greatest challenge of all the times.

News channels and Press releases

Interviewing your product is one of the best options for marketing. You can interview for your product before or after launch. Although, it is necessary, that if you heard regarding any information, try telling your stories or suggestions to news reporters. It is beneficial if you are an eye witness of something and want it to go viral. This way, you can gain lots of publicity.


Bearing in mind that we have our new marketing methods and strategies. But on the contrary, traditional marketing strategies also have their value. The success story of Apple Inc. is inspiring for people who have a passion for the work and has an inventive mind. Although every product and its marketing is different based on the target audience. But some strategies are always everlasting to use. For getting flying colours in your work, make sure to build a strong research team that excels in communication.


Seven Tips to Design Your Promotional Product

Digital engagement has now become an important part of any product in this new digitally revolutionized world but in the same manner physical presence of a brand is also very important. nothing can beat the use of five senses to interact with the product. Convenience is the most important factor that is most considered by the consumers but collaboration also plays its role in launching a promotional product. Because these people would prefer to visit stores rather than buying things online. Therefore that is the reason tradeshows and exhibitions still create an attraction for the customers.

Here are the seven tips which will help you in designing your promotional product:

  1. Promotional Gift Help Your Brand Stand Out

Promotional gift helps your brand to build recognition have the power to impress the consumer and create positive connections that helps order to differentiate your brand from competitors, a gift, the can make your product stand out from others. It is not a necessary question whether or not to u, utilize promotional gifts. Whenever a customer visits a trade show exhibition or even when a client visits the office of the visit but here the importance is of question what type of product should be given to the customer that creates a lasting impression for them. If we go to a store we can see there is a variety of fast promotional products on the display.

  1. Influence With Class Not Cost

Promotional items are considered less expensive by people while class and cost are not the same things. In the case of promotional products, the price of the item should be less expensive than already awaiting branch ds but it must look classy, and expensive to attract customers in a fittest glance. Brands are aware of the fact that they don’t want to spend a lot of money on promotional items hence finding a decent match within your budget is difficult but also it is possible to find a reasonable material. The most common indicator of the cost you spend on a promotional product is the quality of the material.

  1. Take Advantage of Technology

To impress customers through different mediums technology is the most important medium through which you create resonance among customers by promoting it through most famous online stores. For tech-savvy customers, you can provide promotional products like speakers’ mobile chargers and power banks. By creating an online campaign of promotional products with a good quality you might end up with creating loyal customers of the brand in the long run.

  1. Design Promotional Product According to the Audience

Whatever product your company is trying to launch as promotional considering their budget consider your audience first go for practical things not usually for the cool products, offer something that is appealing to them and create a positive image for the brand, do market research what product you want to launch, what specific features your target audience seeks, what is their range or the amount they are willing to pay to buy a promotional product, try to offer something unique and specific that is not offered by someone else. Chances are that you will get benefit by offering a range of different products that you offer at trade shows exhibitions and clients visiting your office. It is also possible that you outsource your promotional product for an event means buying it from a supplier and putting your brand name on it this could be possible by specialized companies that design promotional products especially for other companies on order and charge the relevant price for it.

A fast promotional product company in New Zealand that design promotional product for events, exhibitions, and tradeshows so they would provide quality items with your brand name on it they have a huge range of promotional items to choose from bags to caps, stationery, notebook, office supplies, and products for health and wellbeing.

  1. Promotional Product as a Reward Or Incentive

That would be a better option if you give some portion of a promotional product to your employees so you would get feedback from them and help you in improving the quality of the product. Another advantage of giving your product as an incentive or reward so that it would make them feel valued and that would enhance their productivity loyalty and performance as well. Therefore they would give you more feedback regarding product and you could use more creative ideas in designing these products more innovatively.

  1. Seek Your Customer Feedback

It is important to seek customer feedback about a promotional product. For this purpose, you could use customers’ survey what your customer wants as a promotional item. Live chat support is another way of taking reviews regarding the promotional product as the conversation is taking place in real-time. if it is a food-related product you can do testing at different places by giving the promotional item to customers to taste the product and give feedback either they like it or not or what another thing they want to add in the product.

  1. Do Research On Your Competitors’ Promotional Items

It is important to research competitors promotional items to create a unique and distinctive product for your customer segment that creates a different value for your customers and uniquely inspire them, design a quality product with a distinctive feature and appealing packaging so customer gets attracted to the product and try to test them out or buy it. Make a unique product that just not a product for the customer but has a unique value for them that differentiates your product from other brands and makes your product stand out. Whenever a customer pays the price for a product they want value against it, offer something that exceeds their expectation and that bring value for them more than its cost.


Design your promotional item considering your target market what your customers want to try to offer something unique and different. In promotional items, customers seek value for the product but in less expensive cost try to keep your cost low but don’t compromise on quality as quality plays a major role in creating a resonance of product for the customer. Don’t forget your employees while promoting the product as they are a major part of your company try to give them the product to take honest feedback from them and creating a positive image in the mind of employees for the company and loyalty for the brand. If you don’t have enough specialization to create different offerings or promotional items you could also outsource them so the company that specializes in designing promotional products would design it for you and place your brand name on it. So for this finding, a good company that creates a valuable and quality product in your budget is the motive for you.


10 Steps To Make A Brilliant Tv Ad

Television ads were all the rage not so long ago. Then came the internet and the social media channels, and they started taking over. Now more and more people are turning to their devices for entertainment as well as information. But that doesn’t mean that TV is dead, far from it. Television ads are still capable of reaching masses and communicating your message to the entire world. Especially if you choose your timing correctly, like the holiday seasons, the Super Bowl season, or some other event, you can turn quite a profit with a well-placed ad. If you have a video production company or if you want to contact one for your ad, make sure that your timing is right, and your content is flawless. If you use the right strategies and plan your idea, it will become something that people will want to watch and take the action that you want them to take.

What You Have To Battle?

Making a TV ad is not as easy as it used to be. In the beginning, you only had to compete with companies that had ads of their own and could woo the customers using better tactics than yours. Now you are fighting not only companies that have the same products that you have, but you are also fighting multiple media channels and different types of technologies as well. DVRs now allow people to record TV and play it back whenever they want. They could also fast forward through the ad, which makes it hard to get your message across. If you have paid an arm and a leg to get a spot on prime time, your efforts might go wasted thanks to this technology.

Another thing that you have to take care of is that there are a million things that are vying for the viewers’ attention at the same time. It could be smartphones, VR gaming, picture within a picture, tablets, or a host of other devices that can make it hard for your customers to keep their eyes glued to the TV while your ad is running. If, for example, you are running your ad during the Super Bowl, your ad could be running in millions of homes, but only a fraction of people will be watching it.

These are some of the reasons why your ad has to have killer content so that when people do watch it, they are mesmerized enough to turn their undivided attention towards it and leave everything else that they were doing.

Below we have mentioned the ten-step process that you should implement to make a TV ad for your brand. This way, you can easily ensure the audience’s attention and leave your mark on their minds and hearts.

Step 1: Come Up With An Idea

Television ads are expensive, more so if you are renting space during prime time. You will have to spend a big chunk of your capital on purchasing the right spot at the right time. It means that you have to come up with an out of the box, never thought of before ideas that will make people want to look at your products or services. More than watching, you want them taking action, whether it means picking up the phone and calling you or going to your website to order your product. Make sure that you know your target audience. Know where they are, what they like, what time will they be most likely to be in front of the TV, and other information to make an informed decision.

The best examples are the Dollar Shave Club ad and the Oreo ad during the power outage, among others. These ads create ideas that took the world by storm. The Dollar Shave Club ad had 22.5 million views on YouTube.

Think of something impressive and extraordinary, and people will be pulled by its power automatically.

Step 2: Write A Great Script

Like we said earlier, for your ad to work, everything must be well-thought-of and out of this world. So, now that you have a world-class idea, it’s time for you to write a great script. You can watch some of the most viewed ads of the year to get a reference to what people want to see. If your target audience is 30-50-year-old males and females, then see their interest areas. Check out the pacing of the commercials, the tone, and the direction. It will give you a good idea of what kind of script you have to generate. You have to make sure that you convey the intention of your ad and deliver a big punch at the end to evoke the emotions of your customers.

Step 3: Will You Put People In Your Commercial?

We have seen some of the best actings in commercials. We have also seen animated videos leave their mark on the viewers. Now according to your target audience, you have to decide which way you want to go.

Step 4: Hire A Production Company

Unless you’ve been doing this for a living, you won’t be able to make a professional video without a production company. They have been doing this for a long time and know what to do to get the results you want. They will shoot the ad, edit it, and do everything else for you.

Step 5: Plan Out Your Shots

Depending on your product, you should plan your shots. You can’t show everything in the tiny amount of time that you have. So you have to decide what gets shown and what doesn’t. Pick a product and go with it.

Step 6: Synchronize The Audio And Video

Make sure that your video shows what the audio is saying. When combined, these two elements can become a powerhouse of storytelling.

Step 7: Watch The Time

You might think that you need to put in just a few more seconds, but that will never work. You will only get the time that you paid for, so make sure that you finish your story within that time. As the CTA is the last thing you will show, extending the time might mean losing your CTA.

Step 8: Always Use a Call to Action

Big companies like Nike or Apple might have ads without CTAs, but they are huge companies, and they can do that. You probably can’t. So make sure you give the viewers a CTA before the ad ends.

Step 9: Schedule Your Ad Strategically

One of the essential things about commercials is timings. If you have done your research about your target audience, then you will be able to pick the right time to show your ad.

Step 10: Ensure Frequency for Maximum Impact

A television ad is not something that can work for the first time. You have to keep the message rolling again and again so that the maximum number of viewers can get hooked. So buy enough airtime for your commercial to run multiple times before the same audience.


Even though the market has become super strict, you can still squeeze out a great deal from a well-made and well-placed television ad and increase your sales and number of customers.


Social Media Marketing Companies Benefit SMBs

When someone starts a business then he works day and night in order to establish and expand it successfully. Just imagine something easy and simple that can help in making your business more popular and recognizable in front of huge number of actual and potential customers, sales, income and user traffic by putting in least investment. All this can be done by hiring the services of social media marketing companies. Social networking websites have become an integral part of all type of marketing strategies.

There are so many benefits of relaying on social media marketing that any business not depending on this effective resource is really missing something very profitable. You will see that majority of business see social marketing the most significant way of reaching out markets that were untapped and unreachable before. Marketing strategies have been revolutionized after the advent of social media marketing strategies. Still there are some people, who do not understand the right application and implementation of these marketing strategies effectively. Knowing the value of this amazing way to market your business can help you fetch maximum benefits.

  1. Better brand recognition and awareness:

Right now, social media is the only effective and useful method of increasing the recognition and awareness of any business’ worth and presence. If you will be successful enough to implement social media marketing strategies then it will be possible to engage larger audience by putting almost nothing out of your pockets. If you are convinced, then you would have to take a start by making and creating profiles on major and most popular social medias like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Once the profiles are in place, then interaction and engagement with consumers and users can be started. All you have to do is to engage and urge your employees, business partners, family members, friends and sponsors to share your page and like it anyway. When more and more users will be interacting with your website and will share it with others, then it is automatically going to help in increasing your content’s exposure across the web. You need to be active online and always try to update latest information regarding your business so that your product and services could reach larger group of audience.

  1. Increased inbound traffic:

If you will not market your products and services on different popular social media sites, then you can only tap limited number of consumers. Your business can really not survive or grow without utilizing the platform of social media these days. It will remain limited to your loyal group of customers otherwise. When you create a profile on social media and add it to your already existing marketing mix, then it acts like a free gateway to your site. Moreover, posting new and informative content can also help in attracting new customers. In simple words, marketing your business through social media platforms can open new opportunities to reach audiences across the boundaries.

  1. Higher ranking on search engines:

Being active on social media does not only help in targeting and attractive large audience but it also helps in improving its ranking on all major and popular search engines. These type of marketing strategies help in making use of such commonly used keywords which will generate more positive results and will uplift its ranking.



It’s rather confused to find out a suitable forex broker for new traders or beginners because there are several brokers in the forex world. They may be a good broker or scammer. After carrying out many research and partnering up with many brokers, I found that FBS is one of the best forex brokers for the Asian regions in 2018, especially in Thailand and Indonesia. This article is reviewed to give new traders a total knowledge of FBS and identify a suitable broker.

Founded in 2009, FBS allow traders to trade up to 35 currency pairs, 4 precious metals, 2 CFD, and cryptocurrencies.

When we identify the best broker, some typical standards are the most important things to base on. Here are some of them:

  • Credibility
    • Regulations
  • Trading costs
    • Spread
    • Commission
    • Bonuses
  • Trading conditions
    • Account types
    • Payment systems
    • Quotes quality
  • Customer support
    • Local offices
    • Availability

The detailed information will be clarified what I mentioned above. Some aspects will be compared with Exness or XM.

  1. Credibility

The most vital element in credibility is about regulations. This is the first factor to identify a reliable broker or not. Regulations are the licenses that financial organizations offer to a broker to manage that broker. Its functions are to compel a broker to follow a certain set of rules to guarantee traders’ safety. Only big forex brokers can meet the demands of those regulations. FBS is regulated by CySEC and IFSC, two of the most trusted regulations.

To have a thorough understanding of regulations, you need to keep this in mind. Some new traders think that the broker who has more regulations is better than those who have less. I don’t highly appreciate this idea. When you have many regulations, this doesn’t mean that broker is more reliable. It’s lucky if the broker in your country already has a regulation, I encourage you to partner up with that broker with regulation. Just a regulation is enough for you to trade.

On the contrary, if there are not any regulations in your country, like most of the Asian countries, you should trade with brokers who have at least one trustworthy regulation. FBS (regulated by CySEC) is a typical example. Sometimes, it’s not good to have too many regulations that put more limits on the brokers. Regulation is just a signal that lets us know that this broker is reliable, and safe to trade with.

  1. Trading costs

Spread: (Spread is defined as the difference between the Ask price and the Bid price of a currency pair.)

A lot of traders tend to partner up with low-spread broker. The spread of FBS ranges only from 0.2 to 1.1 pip which is in the top low spread brokers. And its spreads are much lower than XM, FXTM, or FXCM…


Some brokers charge commissions for their income, so does FBS. Based on the types of account, FBS has different commission rates. For the Cent and Standard accounts, there is no commission.


Several types of bonuses will be offered by FBS such as: deposit bonus, welcome bonus, or loyalty program. They have a bonus with the highest rate ever, up to $123. Their deposit bonus gives back trader 100% of the deposit amount. In addition, there is the cashback program, which rebates you $7 for every lot traded. Right now, they are having the $50 bonus. You just need to sign up and $50 will be transferred to your account immediately.

  1. Trading conditions

Account types:

FBS offers traders with 4 different types of account, which are the regular accounts (Cent account, Standard account, and Fixed Spread account) and the ECN account. Each account types are suitable for different types of traders with several characteristics.

Cent account: This is the account for beginners or new traders. Because the required deposit is only $1. This low deposit makes them safe. When you jump in trading at the first time, you don’t want to make a lot of deposit because 90% of new brokers lose everything from the start.

With only $10, this amount can help you to practice trading in real-life conditions for up to 3 months. The spread is relatively low, only around 1 pip. The order volume is from down to 0.01 lot Cent up to 1000 lots. With that way, you won’t lose too much money. And even better, this type of account does not charge any commission, so you can trade as much as you want without any risks.

Standard account: This account is for normal or a bit more experienced traders. The minimum deposit is at average rate, at about $100. The spread is better, only around 0.5 pip. The leverage is up to 1:3000, which is pretty high. Higher leverage is better. XM’s standard account leverage is only 1:888. The order volume is from 0.01 to 500 lots. And just like Cent account, this account is commission free, which is amazing.

Fixed Spread account: (also called as Zero Spread account). This type of account has no spread. Instead, it charges traders $20 for commission. This is understandable because spread is main income of brokers. If the spread is zero, the broker must charge commission. The minimum deposit for this account is $500. The other features are the same as Standard account like the leverage and the order volume.

ECN account: This account is very suitable for experts, long-term and professional traders. The minimum deposit required is $1000, which is pretty high, but the commission are much lower than that of other brokers ($6). Actually, this commission rate is just as low as that of Exness and XM, which is $5 and $.

Payment system:

As you know that, some US or UK brokers are very good at payment in their country but if they’re overseas, this doesn’t seem good, especially in Asian countries like Thailand or Indonesia. In Asia, if traders deposit by their credit cards, their banks will charge them from 1.7 to 4% of their total fund. This charge costs too high. It’s very hard to reach a profit rate at 5% every month and now they have to pay 4% just for depositing? It seems nonsense. That’s reason why it is not wise for Thai traders to trade with those US and UK brokers.

From this conclusion, it’s wiser to partner up with brokers who are ready to offer local payment systems. FBS is a great choice for you. They offer deposit and withdrawal through almost all local banks and e-wallets in Asian countries. In addition, I’m surprised at FBS’s transaction speed. They only come second to Exness, the fastest in the market. It takes you from half to an hour to complete your transaction, while you have to wait for a long time (hours or even days) to finish which isn’t not worthy doing that.

  1. Customer support:

Customer service is the core foundation of any brokers. Forex is not a simple subject. As a broker, you can’t know everything. That’s reason why you need a lot of help from brokers. It’s better if they support you as much as possible. This standard is a decisive factor to evaluate a reliable broker. After experiencing with FBS, I really highly appreciate it.

You also can contact FBS agents by phone to several international numbers or request a call back. They can support clients in English 24/7 on live chat. I don’t have any reasons to complain about them. For non-English speakers, they have offices in Indonesia, Malaysia, Egypt, Thailand, China, Korea and Myanmar that are always willing to give you the instant support 5 days a week without delay or nuisance.