Ten best print marketing materials to increase sales


In today’s world, traditional print marketing is considered to be an outdated method to work on and has been put on the back, which is simply not a better idea. Only because every other person is roaming around with a mobile phone and the digital device does not give less worth to the traditional marketing method.

With the growing writing material being so handy contributes a sense of acknowledgement to the growth of digital media, so, you will just think that print marketing materials would stay secondary or will be considered inferior, correct?

Here comes the need to give a second thought to it. And why is that? There is no doubt on the role of digital market approaching the field of advertising, and you can still begin to use the custom marketing materials as a lead for promoting print marketing and utilize it for generating sales and increase more profit for your business.

There is an entire world which explains to you how to market your goods and facilities/services by using print marketing tactics. Here, we have summed up some of the most productive and successful kinds to pervade your goods with a style and innovation.

So, let’s begin to discuss the marketing materials. Even in this digital era, print marketing approach is loved by people as it is less burden on the pocket. In this article, you are going to get the best marketing concepts that can be used to create marketing materials for your business. So let’s jump right into it and learn about the ten best printing materials to increase sales.


Marketing materials are the bits and pieces that you use to connect your marketing to customers. Printing marketing materials play an essential part in making a desirable impression.

But, you need to make this sure that anyone who meets by your ideas of marketing catches the actual picture. Here are some of the essential tools that will eventually lead you towards standing out in the market and make you a brand. They serve as a medium to help you convey your desired marketing message, merge your product and validate your contributions. These items may include printed products like business cards, brochures, banners, flags, signs, catalogues and even billboards can be categorized as tools for marketing. Other persuasive marketing strategies may include things like customized shirts, mugs and bags.


As humans have a very short span of attention, it will take just seconds for them to decide whether they want to see your drive and sense the actual impact which can influence them or not. So, it is an essential element to take hold of their attention as soon as possible. The basic idea is to make things crystal clear, catchy and make people comprehend the idea easily.

An elegant way to visually appeal your customers is to focus on enhancing the writing by using the bold font and excessive writing in capitalization, which can stand out from the rest. Use of words which can serve as a greater impact should be practised. Words should be short and to the point.

Colour selection and designs also play a vital role here. Previous studies have been verifying the importance of effective colours in marketing. Primary colours are suitable for promoting the message that helps for achievement in delivering the message.


Your business card might be considered as one of the least attentive marketing material in a print field, but it carries a huge amount of weightage. They are ignored often but are very strong if executed in the right manner.

Influence your customer with this tip. Think about the ideas that can make them catch your attention and exhibit your passion with the simple text on your cards.

Now, it is no longer suitable just to leave your name and phone number on the card, you need to start playing them up a little. You should add a QR code that leads the person to have access on your resume directly.

A QR is the latest method which is important to link them with you directly on the internet. So, start getting yourself updated with impressive interacting techniques that promptly express your passion for generating the client.


All can send a simple white envelope in the post, but does it pay enough worth to your brand?

Customized envelopes give a sense of professionalism and competency to your printed material. Branded envelopes let your receiver know about the exact source from where it is coming and depicts professionalism. The amount of effort you put into creating it from printing a coloured logo to the paper quality displays your devotion in your business.

Whatever you plan to send in the mail including the prospectus, sales letters, cards, bills and other information should be driven in a branded envelop.


One of the classic ways to heat up your print marketing is through brochures. It is required by every business to let their customers have detailed information about their company.

They serve to be beneficial if displayed in a laymen’s way with a crisp and neat use of helpful language which gives a sense of quick imagination.


Catalogues are imagined to be the huge, heavy sized book. But, most of the customers having a shorter span of time makes catalogue a casual way to climax your most profit attaining items. Customers tend to keep them for a longer period of time with them compared to a visit to the website.

Many people are more relaxed spending time in a catalogue than using the internet. Also, catalogues have a higher holding rate than a typical website does.


To send a note which says thank you with a business card lets the client acknowledge you and gives them a vibe which shows your care and courtesy towards them, which is the ultimate goal. It also offers a platform where the client can give his/her feedback.


This is an effective way to inform your vision of upcoming services and products to many contacts and will continue to pass along. It can contribute a big amount of integrity to your brand and can lead you towards a long-lasting impression on your client if done in an efficient manner.


Folders make a greater impact on everyone each time they look at it. It helps in creating awareness in mind for a longer projection. Insertion of flyers, pricing material inside a customized folder will enhance the presentation and will keep the documents stay together at a place safely.


This is a bit expensive way to make the details look attractive with correct binding and will let the client know that you have invested a good amount in making it look effective. You can also consider printing the booklets that can be easily wrapped in each way.


It is a stage show of skills, products and upcoming dealings. It is simply your own creativity. It is a great source to promote direct sales, deals and other aspects linked with it.

You can begin to spread the appearance of your brand to others by giving them a look at useful things such as mugs, t-shirts, pens, bags and notebooks.


The main lead towards success in your print marketing materials to increase sales is to make sure that your message is delivered in a simplified manner keeping all the elements reliable with the overall branding. Ok, so if you are already inspired you are ready to go!

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