The importance of the animated video format in modern marketing


Video is the best way to present a product to a wide audience of people, especially trending animated video. Many brands are using video as the advertising tool for their promotional purposes. In this article, we will talk about some new approaches to the creation of animated video content or 2d animation for different kinds of brands and businesses.

Video popular marketing companies in London is growing and helps people to get more information on a specific product within a short period of time. The rise of video popularity tendency is understandable. It’s easier to watch a short clip than read a whole article about a certain product.

It’s possible to say, that the video is the best way to communicate with a big audience and share the content within a couple of minutes. Most of the modern brands use videos as the key feature for their digital marketing strategy. Almost any company in 2020 has built its promotional campaign with the help of different variations of video clips.

It’s easy to see, that every brand should invest money in 2d animated video creation to make sure, that the promotional campaign will be successful. With each day to come, consumers watch even more video ads, thanks to social networks and television. This number will increase with every next year.

It’s a good sign for those people, who are involved in the animated video creation process. They will always have something to work on, as videos are widely required already. At some point, it’s possible to call the video a subject of a competition. Every company would like to have a better video advertisement, than the other one. Each brand will build his own strategy on how to get attention from the audience of clients. There are going to be more reasons why a particular company should hire a whole team dedicated to the process of video making.

What makes videos even greater, it’s going to be far easier for huge brands to investigate a strategy of competitors, analyze it, and create even more creative video marketing strategy. Brands have dramatically changed over the last couple of years in terms of communication with the audience, so it’s important to follow trends and do whatever it takes to create the best and memorable video. The hardest aspect of the creation process – it’s hard to pick only one way of how to build up a marketing strategy from scratch.

Why video duration is so important?

The most important task of the video – to get the attention of the viewer. To make sure, that people are going to be focused on the subject of what they are watching. Long videos are bad for marketing. Marketers have created a short-form standard for modern media. The shortness of the video is like a requirement. But like all other trends, it’s going down and everything can change for good during 2020.

It’s obvious, that in the world like ours when people don’t have much time to have a peaceful breakfast, it’s better to watch a minute-long video than spend hours on a big-budget presentation. Brands need to find a perfect balance between emotional connection with the viewer and time he will need to spend on watching a video. More than that, the video should be identified with the brand, but to develop a theme, the company needs bigger longevity.

There is a number of researches, that show how long videos can be more engaging for some types of storytelling and narrative methods. It’s easier to memorize a video, that has a specific emotional color associated with a particular brand, than watching unconnected series of short clips.

By getting the attention of the viewer with a long video will be better in terms of monetization. Focused viewing is going to help in forming a brand’s image.

Social media cannot survive without video content

In the last couple of years, people became obsessed with videos. Most of the modern social media are based on different clips, that are dedicated to different kinds of texts and pictures. It’s safe to say, that videos are going to become even more popular and necessary for social media in the next couple of years.

Using videos across all social pages and websites is going to impact the future of marketing. Brands will focus more on creating never before seen visual products, rather than spending time on developing a new logo or label.

Putting a single video on all kinds of social media will be effective and necessary to build a good image for the brand. It’s easy to create multiple narratives and their story to engage the viewer in the action.

People can rely on what they see on the screen by simply seeing good enough characters and funny storyline. It’s recommended for brands to think about implementing the video in their marketing strategy in all possible ways.

What about live video? Can it affect the marketing strategy?

There is a theory, that live video can be even more effective, than a standard format. There are reasons for that. With the help of the live video, it’s easier to interact with the audience, without any kind of scripts. More than that – people are much more involved in the action, as they can feel, that they can change the game by asking their own questions about the brand, certain products, etc. Live video is also much more effective, thanks to the fact, that it follows internet roots – total freedom and intentness.

But it’s important to admit, that live video has substantially different rules than those of the classic ones. These videos can work differently, depending on what social media has been used to arrange the broadcast. By using an Instagram, it will be possible to not only stream a live session with millions of viewers but also to same this video in the stories, to make sure, that other people will be able to watch it any time they want to. The same thing goes to Facebook or YouTube. They all work differently and it’s important to find advantages of each platform. The live video format is going to become much more popular in the following year, so be sure to pay attention to it.

Customers need to have a chance of buying things instantly, right after watching a video

Yeah, you heard it right – people need to have a link, that would redirect them to the online shop page with a product, that was promoted for them. Interactive buying should be a part of a watching experience.

It’s worth to mention, that when it comes to YouTube, even now, there are tons of video promotions all over the platform and channel owners often use a video review of a certain item to leave a link for purchasing a product. It can be opened right from the personal computer, smartphone, tablet, or any other device.

Creating content for a specific platform

In the modern age, it becomes obvious, that video should be created for a specific platform in a specific period. A lot of content is associated with a particular social media platform, like “stories” on Instagram.

A lot of companies invest their money in new forms of interactive promotion, like videos from bloggers or individual celebrities. It’s hard to predict what audience will view the video if it’s going to be shown on television in prime time. But it’s obvious, that if the video was ordered from a blogger, it’s going to impact a specific viewing audience. It’s going to be a much better money spending option.

It’s hard to pick only one way of how to promote a product with the help of a video. The online presence of the video should be adapted for the specific platform.

How vlogs have impacted the marketing?

Vloggers have become the new profession, that every internet user is dreaming about. Vlogs have impacted not only entertainment but also marketing. It becomes easier to sell the product to clients by ordering a promo integration in one of the vlogs on YouTube or Instagram. There are a lot of ways of how such a format of promotion can work.

The video can be not only interesting to watch, but also funny to interact with

It’s easy to see, that videos have become much more interactive than they have ever been. At least now, people, who feel like they are interested in buying a particular product, can get more information on it by swiping up in the app or by following a link represented on the screen of their devices. There are even 360 videos, created for VR glasses users. Virtual Reality is a new trend, that can really change the game and create new possibilities for content makers.

Even videogames use their platforms to promote a specific product in the interactive format. Games like Fortnite allow gamers to visit a virtual concert or party with exclusive content waiting for them right in the middle of the action.

Search engines will be optimized to include animated videos

By searching for some advice, people would like to get an instant response, which would be helpful enough. Videos have become the best way to describe a certain thing or represent a solution for the particular situation. It’s good to see, that search engines, like Google, have been optimized to include results in the form of YouTube videos.

DIY and educational animated videos

Thanks to the video format, it becomes much easier for the average person to get acknowledged and educate himself without going anywhere. It’s a massive trend to learn new languages by googling for online video courses. It’s easy to see, that educational videos are in demand. They are really popular and can be used as a new marketing tool. In the right hands, it can create a lot of incredible possibilities. By creating unique educating content, it’s possible to get attention from a wide audience of users. They will feel invested in what they see on the screen.

Ads will change its format, depending on a specific product

The user is always interested to see, what he’s about to buy. Especially, when he’s trying to buy it online. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality will help the average consumer to see how a certain product looks in person.


The Internet has dramatically changed many everyday things, like videos and animations. Only a couple of years ago, companies used to create average content for TV commercials, but now they are searching for creative ways of how to get attention from viewers’ audiences. The reason why brands should be focused on videos is simple – it’s the easiest way of how to perfectly describe the product or the whole company. With a short clip or a long video, it’s going to be easier to promote even a specific event. There are many social media platforms available for millions of people from around the world. Thanks to the modern marketing tools, it’s not going to be hard to create a couple of versions of the same video for different regions. Depending on the country in which the video has been launched, the viewer will see the local version.

It’s hard to use only one animated video format to create a brand image. There are live video streams, 2d and 3d animation, motion graphic videos, VR and AR videos, and even short clip “stories”. It’s better to hire a group of people, who would analyze the best thing for the digital marketing strategy of a certain company.

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