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A safe way of using the printer at the office

printer at the office

Do you find the printer frequently in need of maintenance? This could be because the staff at your office are not taking the proper care of the photocopier and printers needed. Moreover, the lack of visibility and accountability makes the staff use the printer wrongly resulting in a waste of time …

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Heavy Vehicle Accident Compensation Claim

truck accident

Portland is a country where everyone abides by the rules strictly and when it comes to traffic rules everyone has to pay attention to the kind of vehicle they are driving with proper safety guidelines and safe conditions. Seldom has it happened that country and courier vehicles tend to overload …

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Ideas on marketing your business online

business online

In order to boost your business and get a higher return of investment, a businessman should have strategic planning on how the market the brand online. With some simple tips and tricks, the chances of attracting customers are higher.  Here are some of the concrete marketing ideas that you may …

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Divorce 101: When to hire a family law attorney in NC?

family law

Divorce, child custody, parenting plan, child support, alimony – When it comes to matters like these, talking to a lawyer is always advisable. North Carolina allows for no-fault divorce, as long as residency and separation requirements are made. However, courts usually encourage couples and allow time to settle things outside …

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Steps to take after a New York car accident

car accident

Numerous car accidents happen on the roads of New York every month. Following an unfortunate accident, it is okay to feel overwhelmed and scared, but it is as important to follow the basic protocols. Among other things, you may want to consult a law firm such as King Law for …

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Basics of premises liability lawsuit in California

liability lawsuit

You were at a shopping mall when you suddenly tripped and fell. It happened because the floor was flooded, and there were no warning signs around. The shopping mall owner or manager is responsible for keeping the premises clean and safe for visitors, and in this case, they clearly failed …

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Customer support strategies that will help you stand out

Customer support strategies that will help you stand out 1

Customer service became a primary focus of every successful company that seeks to retain buyer engagement and provide for satisfaction at all stages of the customer journey. In fact, a study reveals that customers find the experience more valuable than cost and product or service itself, and 86% claim to consume …

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Why Does Your Business Need a Bookkeeper

Why Does Your Business Need a Bookkeeper 2

Every business needs to keep its books in order. A reliable bookkeeper can help to efficiently maintain financial records. It ensures accuracy and avoids errors that could land your business in trouble. Business owners are often busy with multiple tasks and need to concentrate on growing operations. Getting bookkeeping help …

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