Trending marketing methods in 2020


Ever heard of the term marketing? As it is one of the trendiest and important terms used by many people nowadays. Marketing comes in a variety of flavours based on media platforms and today’s dynamic market place.

On the other hand, marketing refers to some activities undertaken by a company or an organization to promote the buying or selling of a product. That activity can be in the form of advertising, selling, branding, and delivering products. A marketing basis is on the communication process that creates value for customers and clients; This is the reason why old marketing methods have failed to give a clear idea of products and the concept behind it. The new marketing strategies and methods are in revised forms that convey the message and the idea proportionally. The marketing method and strategies are made based on research and development. The marketing depends on some major factors, that can be:

  • Product
  • Price
  • Place
  • Promotion

For the launching of a product or brand in the market place, remember that the product should be creative. The price should follow the price penetration strategy to create hold in the marketing place. You should be well aware of the place you are launching the desired product. Also, note down which types of promotions will you prefer and what are the expenses of those promotions. For this purpose, there are some companies for featuring your brands. One of them is the Compendium Planet. The main feature of this company is promotional compendiums and that it delivers Australia wide within five days only. Therefore, it is very important to understand the market and its insights. The first major thing to keep in mind is the niche or need in the market place. There are many aspects of marketing methods to ponder over, which are as follows:

The three aspects of marketing:

These both have embraced the new marketing concepts, and however, there is a wide variety of differences between them.

  • Digital or online marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Print marketing

Digital marketing is a platform that requires electronic channels for promoting its products. An example can be the internet. But on the other hand, social media marketing is itself a component of digital marketing. It uses social media as a platform to reach customers. examples can be Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Print marketing also carries great weight in today’s trendy world. The example of print marketing can be articles, newspaper, and magazines that are published.

Trending marketing methods:

These marketing methods focus on digital, social media and well print marketing. The types of trendy methods you can follow are:


The main idea of marketing is to create a brand presence and hold in the market. For this purpose, you can start reviewing and commenting on the product as well as the rating. You can do this practice regularly and also earn through it. Eventually, you are going to come across some newsworthy products to create its presence in the market place.

Creating video tutorials

Fans and followers love to be treated and keep in check. You can upload DIY hacks regarding your product. Also, you can make videos on how to open the product box and how to keep it safe and long-lasting. You can also hire vloggers and bloggers for the initial establishment of your product videos.


Hiring around 5-10 influencers can give you a massive output for marketing. You can partner with them or can provide free products for testing. The other idea is that you can also arrange a show, calling out influencers in front of a large amount of audience. Do not forget to select the influencers that are preferred and liked by the people.


Everyone knows that Advertisements is the best way for inbound marketing. Advertisements are a huge term and can be followed digitally or printing measures. The examples can be newsletters, brochures, and billboards. Advertisements can be created with lots of creativity to attract consumers and motivate them to buy. You can hire a graphic designer for these purposes. You can also promote your advertisements through social media channels and telecommunications. There are many websites for broadcasting your product or brand.

Creating contacts

The other way you can do your marketing is by creating your contacts and talking to other people. This way, you can create your presence, show your personality as well as market your brand or product; This is one of the easiest business techniques for marketing.

Email marketing and newsletters

Email marketing and newsletters are one of the ways that shape the contours of the market. You get enough email links from any computer scientist or any website. You can attach the discount coupon in the newsletter and make it look unique. You can also attach card details and signature as well as customize items.


It is never too late to run a contest or a is a great way of marketing by awarding people with prizes. The prizes can be laptops, signature outfits or customized belongings. You can also launch a lucky draw to attract customers.


The tweet is the game-changer for a brand or can reach instantly to lots of people around the world. For example, twitter. You can also create your platform for tweeting about your preferences and likeliness.


The hashtag is one of the ways to ride the wave of influence. You can create your hashtag and hire people to make it famous and use it. You can also arrange some influencers to honour your hashtag and explain the core meaning behind it. Creating the hashtag prominence among people is the greatest challenge of all the times.

News channels and Press releases

Interviewing your product is one of the best options for marketing. You can interview for your product before or after launch. Although, it is necessary, that if you heard regarding any information, try telling your stories or suggestions to news reporters. It is beneficial if you are an eye witness of something and want it to go viral. This way, you can gain lots of publicity.


Bearing in mind that we have our new marketing methods and strategies. But on the contrary, traditional marketing strategies also have their value. The success story of Apple Inc. is inspiring for people who have a passion for the work and has an inventive mind. Although every product and its marketing is different based on the target audience. But some strategies are always everlasting to use. For getting flying colours in your work, make sure to build a strong research team that excels in communication.

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