Why Should AWS Connections Be Considered For Businesses?


AWS Direct Connect plays a big role in connecting the on-premises network to AWS through a specific dedicated network link. Once the connection is created successfully, the user can bypass the internet service provider and establish virtual interfaces. The virtual interface can be directly linked to the AWS Cloud. The prime advantage of AWS direct connect is that it offers a more reliable and seamless network experience to the users. More businesses in the USA have started relying more on AWS Direct Connect and bypassing public internet connections.

Working Mechanism

The fastest path to the resources of AWS is via the AWS Direct Connect cloud service. The network traffic never travels on the public internet route while in transit as it follows the AWS global network. This lowers the chances of constriction and unforeseen latency. One can easily deploy committed connections from AWS at more than a hundred AWS Direct Connect locations globally. Furthermore, one can also choose a hosted connection provided by an AWS Direct Connect Partner. It is possible to develop private network connections between global network data centers and offices. This is done by delivering data between sites of AWS Direct connect utilizing site links of AWS Direct Connect.

Key Features

Curtail Bandwidth Expenses

Data is sent to and from AWS, which reduces the expenses of bandwidth.

Supports All AWS Services

AWS direct connect is compatible with all kinds of AWS services like Amazon VPC, Amazon S3, Amazon EC2, etc.

High Elasticity

Because connections can range from 1Gbps to 10 Gbps, the user can create as many connections are required.


Users find it simple to sign up using the AWS Management Console.

Top Benefits

Top-Notch Performance

Because AWS nodes in a location are geographically closer, there are fewer network glitches and almost 50% fewer latency issues.

Improved Security

A secured and private interface is offered to Amazon VPC, and on-premise network, ensuring improved security.

Curtailed Costs

There is a visible reduction in expenses of up to 70%  because of the reduced network costs than open, public networks.

Highly Reliable

Since there is a reduction in unpredictability, one can expect a reliable, and secure network.

Better Network Performance

Since the public internet is bypassed by private connectivity, there is an improvement in user experience. Furthermore, the network performance and efficiency are enhanced as well.

Restricted Complexity

AWS Direct Connect can be accessed 24*7, which limits or restricts scopes of complexity.

Higher Flexibility

With AWS direct connect, one no more experience longer lead times, and constrictive contracts. One pays only for what is required as per AWS workload.


An AWS direct connect offers more efficient and consistent network performance. It is carried out by relating all the resources of AWS and directly transferring data from offices, and data centers in and out of AWS. Furthermore, one can utilize a private connection for data transit, where data is encrypted and protected. Because of the consistent network experience, there is better flexibility, reduced costs, improved performance, and fewer latency issues.

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