Filing criminal and civil charges following sexual assault in Georgia

The term “sexual assault” can send shivers down the spine. While nothing can reverse the damage or trauma, seeing the perpetrator behind bars can bring some closure for victims and their families. If you (or a loved one) have suffered such an experience, you need to call one of the skilled sexual assault attorneys in Atlanta. Here’s more on what you need to know. 

What is sexual assault?

According to the laws in Georgia, sexual assault refers to any non-consensual sexual act. This may refer to unwanted touching, fondling, rape, molestation, groping, and enticing kids for sexual favors. People often do not realize that sexual assault can ruin someone’s life forever. While such crimes against women are more common, a considerable number of cases involve male victims. The act is entirely physical but can take a toll on someone’s health and wellbeing. 

Why should you take legal action?

Victims often deal with unprecedented pressure and trauma following sexual assault. Taking legal action against the perpetrator, however, is more than just about the legal battle. Every time a victim doesn’t hold an offender responsible for their action, someone else is at risk. The same perpetrator can sexually assault others just because they weren’t in jail for their first crime. Of course, there is also the aspect of financial compensation. Victims need to spend huge on recovering from sexual assault, including medical treatments and therapy. By filing a personal injury claim against the perp, it is possible to recover money for losses, although nothing can reverse the damage. 

How to file a case of sexual assault? 

There are two kinds of charges that a victim can bring against the prep – criminal and civil. When you file criminal charges, you need to prove that the perp was the one who committed the crime. If the accused is convicted, it typically refers to jail time and penalty. The burden of proof in criminal cases is considerably high. In addition to the criminal case you should definitely file, you may want to bring a civil lawsuit against the perp. This will allow you to recover compensation for your losses and damages. 

Hiring an attorney

If you want to file a personal injury case following sexual assault, you need to find an attorney who has experience representing victims. Since the burden of proof is less, it is easier to get a favorable outcome, while you can always continue with the criminal charges. 


Customer support strategies that will help you stand out

Customer service became a primary focus of every successful company that seeks to retain buyer engagement and provide for satisfaction at all stages of the customer journey. In fact, a study reveals that customers find the experience more valuable than cost and product or service itself, and 86% claim to consume more for a better service. Therefore, having superior customer service in place secures your business with local consumers and an outstanding reputation. BPO in the Philippines, for example, is known to be the world leader in the industry, hence, outsourcing their services ensure that your business is equipped with an excellent customer service.

Have your support round-the-clock

In today’s world, it is extremely complicated to meet the demands and preferences of consumers. The competition on the market is high and winning customers is challenging as never before. 24/7 support enables your business to be there for every client at any time, and respond to the query or issue as it arises. It is a great opportunity, rather than a challenge, to build upon a strong relationship with customers and optimize the support function for long-run success.

Focus on your customers

Knowing your customers’ preferences and wants is at the heart, and what is a better way to implement that than asking straightforwardly them? Gathering feedback about their experience with your business and requesting to rate different stages of their journey will bring you a clear understanding of improvement areas and further strategy development. Moreover, it is a great way to establish long-lasting relationships and acquire trust.

Leverage multi-channel communication

According to Forrester’s Research, 69% of Generation-Y consumers in the US favor purchasing from brands that offer omnichannel customer support. It may include phone, chat, video, and other channels of communication. Thuswise, you are able to attain customer satisfaction, but also increase brand reputation and reliability. Ensure the support is available through mobile devices, social media, and self-service so that no customer experiences challenges within engaging with your business.

Consider outsourcing

Rather than building your team in-house, which is costly and time-consuming, a great number of companies turn to outsourcing firms that provide complete solutions to the customer experience. Helpware, a business process outsourcing company, can tailor your professional team of support according to your needs and preferences while delivering or exceeding the expectations of your customers. The company is able to provide 24/7 support for your clients across eight channels and handle an increased number of queries within a limited waiting time. The customer feedback system Helware is using will enable you to reassure the high-quality service delivery, while your business benefits from outsourcing in every way.


Simple steps to do marketing for your courier business

Delivery and shipping is one of the most important and fastest growing businesses at a global level. This is also due to the increase in online shopping trends. A lot of people are purchasing products, such as electronic and even groceries from online stores. This has resulted into growth for courier businesses.

There requires courier companies to effectively market their services to the customers. Fortunately, there are multiple ways. Whether your company is helping customers to send packages to Canada or any other country, it is imperative that the services are marketed properly.

Here are simple steps for effective marketing.

Go digital

This is the first and foremost thing that you need to do. It can effectively help in promoting the courier services. You need to be online. A lot of people contact courier services through online mediums. There is a large market which functions only on online platforms. This means that you need to focus on the digital marketing aspects. Try to connect and engage with customers on a digital level. Social media, in this regard, is one of the most effective marketing tools that can be accessed by the courier delivery services.

Collaborate with other businesses

It is always a good idea to collaborate with other businesses to ensure that your courier business grows. Courier companies have huge clients. It is important for you to be social on a business level. In order to be competitive, it is essential that you collaborate with other businesses only and tap into their networks. If you collaborate with them, different business opportunities will show up. You can offer special services to those companies which have collaborated with you. Special packages and prices can be offered to attract more customers.

Be active

Being active is the most important marketing tip for all the courier businesses out there. Companies which are not active are missing out on a lot of opportunities. The credibility that you will set in the industry will be determined by your activity levels. Customers only see services as reliable if they are actively working towards their reputation. Invest in setting up credibility. Take part in different social events. Join different professional organizations, associations and certifications. Being active in this regard will create your name in  the industry and help you market the services in a more effective manner.


The more you network, the more customers you get. This is a general rule in the courier industry. Courier services can benefit a lot as a result of networking. It is a remarkable way in which you can promote the business. Go and meet different people. Meet CEOs and high level employees of other businesses which may be in need of your courier services. Meet the supply and logistics managers of different businesses. Look if the relevant commerce departments are hosting events. Doing so will help you expand your mindset as well and get in touch with potential customers.

Business Technology

Proxy vs VPN: How to Better Protect Your Business


Safety is a top priority for companies and businesses. Data protection is not an option, it is a must. Cyberattacks have become more frequent lately, and simply using basic Windows security measures no longer helps as hackers and attackers gradually develop ways to circumvent them.

As a business owner, you should consider other ways to protect your data. VPNs and proxies are great ways to do this. To reveal the topic, we talked with the employees of the profile service This is what they said in an interview with our correspondent.

VPNs redirect internet traffic to a designated network, thus hiding the original IP address and identity of the user. In turn, the proxy server acts as an intermediary between the client requesting a specific resource and the server that provides it.

Instead of connecting directly to the server, the client will redirect the request to the proxy server, parsing and executing the tasks or transactions in the request.

Proxies are a method of simplifying or managing requests, providing load balancing, privacy, or acting as an additional layer of protection.

What is a proxy?

A proxy server is an intermediary or gateway between end-user clients and the websites they browse, and they broadcast network or protocol traffic.
They provide different levels of security, privacy, and overall functionality depending on your company’s needs and policies.

For example, sending a request to a specific address will go through a proxy server before reaching the website. After that, the request will return through the same proxy server that will forward it to you.

Proxies are not limited to forwarding requests. They will act as firewalls, web filters, and provide shared network connections or cache data.

In addition, they can also be used for mass data collection and provide a high level of privacy, protecting businesses from the malicious software that lurks at the corners of the Internet.

What is VPN?

A VPN is a service that redirects internet traffic to a different starting location, establishing secure and encrypted connections. Thus, it protects the privacy of its users and preserves the confidentiality of their personal data.
Because they make your activities and personal data virtually untraceable through secure and encrypted connections, VPNs provide a secure browsing experience even on public Wi-Fi.

They work by creating a data tunnel between the local network and an exit node located elsewhere. This makes users feel like they were elsewhere, limiting their actual location.

In addition to security, VPNs are also used to bypass regional restrictions that would otherwise restrict access to certain countries or parts of the world.

How are VPNs different from proxies?

While VPNs and proxies both add additional layers of security to companies and allow them to access the Internet anonymously by hiding their IP addresses, they work differently.

There is a big difference between VPN and proxy. The VPN will only encrypt the private connection for safe internet browsing. Basically, it replaces your ISP’s routing, protecting traffic on your network.

Internet access via VPN completely eliminates the risk of using an unencrypted local Wi-Fi connection that would expose you to cyber attacks.

On the other hand, proxy servers provide thousands of different IP addresses that allow users to make the same number of requests. In short, they are required to collect massive amounts of data.

If you want employees to work remotely from a secure environment while gaining access to company resources and confidential data, setting up a VPN is the ideal choice.

On the other hand, if you are more concerned about the sites your customers or users visit, setting up a proxy service is the best option.

In addition, VPNs and proxies are used in different situations, the former being more suitable for B2C (business client) and individual use cases.

Meanwhile, the latter is better suited for data collection, protecting businesses and brands from copyright infringement, enhancing corporate security and privacy, preventing theft of confidential information, monitoring brand reputation and mentions, or balancing traffic (by reducing server load) to save bandwidth.

Consequently, a proxy server will dramatically increase the speed of the corporate network, even reducing the bandwidth required to surf the Internet. VPNs, on the other hand, cannot do this.

What’s more, the home proxy creates multiple connections to different locations, perfect for brand monitoring and data collection.

The main advantages and disadvantages of a proxy

Proxy servers help to control and track company Internet use by allowing or blocking access to certain websites.

They also improve bandwidth utilization and overall network performance by maintaining local copies of websites and (CACHE), which helps when there are multiple requests for the same website.

As we discussed earlier, proxies also provide privacy and security by hiding the authenticity of the original request from the server. It also allows users to access blocked resources.

The main advantages and disadvantages of a VPN

VPNs will make your browsing history untracked by your service provider or even the websites you visit (yes, some websites may also keep a history of all the times you visit them).

In addition, as we have already established, they can hide the IP address and location, which allows you to bypass regional and restricted content.

Streamers can hide their location while streaming to prevent doxing. A VPN will also protect the data that you send and that is sent to your devices, so hackers won’t be able to access it.

Unfortunately, VPNs can also have performance and latency issues, depending on the distance between you and the nearest available server.

Since they use a local client to connect to the server, local memory and CPU issues can slow down the connection.

Website scraping with proxies: the key to a competitive business

Proxies are essentially gateways. They help automate business tasks (collecting or analyzing data) and can unlock huge data sources like Google, allowing you to overcome limitations like IP blocks, CAPTCHAS, etc.

As a business, you can use them in many cases such as SEO research, analysis, price aggregation, data collection, brand protection, or ad verification.

In addition, they offer the means to research competitors, extract profiles of potential employees from public sources, and more.

International companies can transcend national borders, allowing them to validate and cleanse localized data that is typically geographically protected.

Digital marketing agencies use proxy networks to manage their clients’ social media accounts on a daily basis.

Major e-commerce platforms like Skyscanner or Amazon also use proxy servers to store data and set competitive pricing in real time.


Uncontested Divorce in Rochester, MN: How Does Child Support Work

A lot of divorce cases are settled before they go to trial. Today’s couples may prefer an uncontested divorce to avoid ugly court battles, especially if they have children. In this type of divorce, both spouses agree on all issues in their divorce, including marital asset and debt division and child custody. If you and your spouse choose this route, you won’t need to appear in court to settle your marital disputes. If you have kids, your final divorce agreement must spell out who gets custody of the children and your parenting time agreements. Also, your final agreement will include clauses on child support. Your Rochester MN divorce attorney will ensure your divorce agreement will spell out all important matters. 

Child Support Award in Minnesota

In the state of Minnesota, child support is calculated based on some factors such as the number of children, how much both parents make every month, medical expenses, and child care expenses. When your uncontested divorce document reaches the hand of a judge, they will want to see child support calculations. Child support cannot be waived entirely since it is a child’s non-bargaining right. You and your spouse must agree to reserve this support, although you can request modifications to its reservation.

How Childcare Expenses are Split

Your children’s medical insurance, daycare expenses, and extracurricular activities will quickly add up. The court wants to ensure child support is provided to cover the essentials of the child including their clothing and housing.  How daycare expenses and medical insurance are divided between parents will depend on their respective incomes. The party that earns more will have to pay more for child support. 

Changing the Child Support Amount

A child support order can be changed. A change can be requested if there is a significant change in circumstances such as a decrease or increase in the gross income and needs of both parents, as well as the needs of your child. Also, you can ask a judge to modify the child support order if one parent or your child gets public assistance that changes the cost of living. 

Enforcing the Child Support Order

A child support order may state how payments must be made. Usually, the employer of the paying parent will withhold the child support amount from their paycheck and forward the amount directly to the receiving parent or the court. But, support payments can also be made through bank transfer, cash, direct deposit, check, or even through payment applications. It will all depend on what you and your spouse will agree. 


A safe way of using the printer at the office

Do you find the printer frequently in need of maintenance? This could be because the staff at your office are not taking the proper care of the photocopier and printers needed. Moreover, the lack of visibility and accountability makes the staff use the printer wrongly resulting in a waste of time and money getting it repaired.

Follow the below tips to ensure the printer is not misused at the office –

Ensure to never overload the paper tray. Overloading the tray will cause the machine to have trouble feeding the paper properly during the printing process, and cause paper jam.  Check the fill level mentioned on the tray and load the paper accordingly.

Another point to remember is that the papers are neatly placed in the tray, tightly. Also, ensure that the paper is wrinkle-free.

If you find the paper in the tray is getting used frequently, consider changing the tray to a bigger size or check for a new machine that can be loaded with more papers. Click here to find more details if you are looking for medium size photocopier machine,

A photocopier is a sensitive and complex electronic device. When you find the paper jam in the machine, look at the display panel to find the cause of the paper jam. To remove the paper jam, first, unplug the machine and open the device slowly to fix the jam. Never force pull the paper as it could cause the ripping of the jammed paper.

When you have the weekend and the office is shut down, the chances of the copy machine going to sleep mode is high. So when we get back to the office after the two days leave, the printer machine should be given time to wake up. But note that when the machine wakes up, it will automatically enter the calibration mode.  Another important point is that the machine needs some time to warm its drum. The warming helps the machine to print accurately and efficiently.

Do not push any button over and over during this time. This affects the waking up of the machine and causes the damage that would need the technician’s help. Ensure to give it enough time to warm up. When the machine is given time to warm up slowly, it will in return give you high-quality copies. After this, copy a test page.


Heavy Vehicle Accident Compensation Claim

Portland is a country where everyone abides by the rules strictly and when it comes to traffic rules everyone has to pay attention to the kind of vehicle they are driving with proper safety guidelines and safe conditions. Seldom has it happened that country and courier vehicles tend to overload and ignore the safety of the people who are on the roads with them causing an accident.

If you are a victim of such Harsh conditions without any of your fault or negligence, then you can sue the company for their negligence and get the loss covered just by filing a case and getting compensation, having the right assistants by your side. 

Portland is a country where everyone abides by the rules strictly and when it comes to traffic rules everyone has to pay attention to the kind of vehicle they are driving with proper safety guidelines and safe conditions. Seldom has it happened that country and courier vehicles tend to overload and ignore the safety of the people who are on the roads with them causing an accident.

If you are a victim of such Harsh conditions without any of your fault or negligence, then you can sue the company for their negligence and get the loss covered just by filing a case and getting compensation, having the right assistants by your side.

You Can Get Your Claim and Resources in the These cases:

Can easily get your claim if you have been entangled in certain situations that happened in such circumstances listed below whilst having proper evidence.

  1. Facing a truck accident by the issue of overloading and any kind of negligence in safety. Truck drivers are careless about the safety of others, handling such big vehicles with carelessness, or still handling it when they know it is defective.
  2. If you have certain proof or pieces of evidence or you know that it was a hit and run because the driver was sick or drunk while driving a vehicle is also a crime. And they can be sued.
  3. We recommend getting lawyers from our firm as we specialized in getting compensation with higher success rates in Portland. 
  4. You are free to visit our website and make your decision. We also have an online facility to submit in your case to get your assistance for free.


Ideas on marketing your business online

In order to boost your business and get a higher return of investment, a businessman should have strategic planning on how the market the brand online. With some simple tips and tricks, the chances of attracting customers are higher.  Here are some of the concrete marketing ideas that you may follow to increase the customers towards your business site –

  1. Create a welcoming and attractive website to influence the customer to visit your website, navigate through the pages and end up using your service or product. But if you don’t have the skills to set up the website yourself, take the help of the web designer and developer to do the job right at the first instance. Ensure that the website is clean, easy to access, with neatly written content that is easier to read and understand, and interesting.Ensure that the website is modern, attention-grabbing, and mobile-friendly for the customer to access comfortably.
  2. Ensure to optimise the website by following all the SEO Strategies. This helps your business to appear higher on a list of search engine results page of Google. Ensure to use the right keywords to find your services. Using the right keywords helps in increasing the chances of getting a better rating in the SERP.
  3. Next list your business or company details on online directories and local websites as part of promoting. This helps in increasing the brand promotion and ultimately the sales. Click here to know more about online business listing.

Listing in directories and websites is the best way to reach more audiences who can be converted into potential customers. A business directory works similar to Yellow pages and is especially useful for identifying the local businesses precisely. With the development of technology, online directories are useful with native search functionality. The directories allow the better search of business using locations such as Zip Code, state, or local area.

  1. Email marketing is another way to market your products and services. Email marketing helps in reaching the customers and help them understand more about your business and create some leads for your website.
  2. Creating contests and giveaways is one of the essential parts of the promotion of the business online. It helps your customers to use your product or service. And if they like it, they will even use your service in the future. Hence strategies such as contests and giveaways are beneficial for future purchases and contacts.
  3. Apart from the website, it is important to set up a blog where you can include the content with keywords for optimisation of the website. The blog is a method of search engine boosting strategy. The blog can be used to help the customer understand more about your business, how the services you offer is beneficial for them, connect with the customer effectively and create a lasting relationship with them.
  4. Guest blogging is a way to get your business information updated on various other sites. It is a way to communicating with the customer and introducing your business to a broader base of people.


Divorce 101: When to hire a family law attorney in NC?

Divorce, child custody, parenting plan, child support, alimony – When it comes to matters like these, talking to a lawyer is always advisable. North Carolina allows for no-fault divorce, as long as residency and separation requirements are made. However, courts usually encourage couples and allow time to settle things outside of the courtroom. Even for matters like child custody, the courts ask co-parents to come to an acceptable agreement in best interests of the child. So, do you need a Charlotte family law attorney? Below is an overview of circumstances when hiring an attorney makes sense. 

1. When you need advice on divorce and custody battles

Ending a marriage is never easy. If you are deciding on aspects and factors influencing the divorce and your life ahead, you don’t want to be in rush. Contacting a family law attorney makes sense, because they will protect your interests and advise on your rights. Just because you are on agreeable terms with your spouse doesn’t mean that they will be fair to you in the divorce. Instead, let an attorney guide through the process. 

2. When you need help with paperwork

Initial filing, drafting separation agreements, and handling volumes of documents – The legal paperwork related to a divorce can leave you confused and overwhelmed. Also, even a small mistake in your filing can delay your divorce by months. Keep in mind that this is more than just a change in your marital status. You need to read documents, understand papers you are signing, and how these decisions impact your life ahead. For all of that more, you must hire a lawyer. 

3. When you cannot agree with your spouse 

To sail through the turbulent times surrounding a divorce, you have to talk to your spouse and negotiate on points of contention. If your relationship has strained to a point where you cannot communicate with your husband/wife directly, a family law attorney can help. Skilled lawyers will always take steps to avoid a trial, and for that, they may hold multiple rounds of negotiations and meetings with your spouse and their lawyer. 

Hiring an attorney for your divorce may seem like an added cost, but this could be the most critical decision of your life. Let a good lawyer guide on how to handle divorce issues better, and this can reduce your stress and allow you to have a normal life, like everyone else. Find an attorney who will work on your case personally. 


Steps to take after a New York car accident

Numerous car accidents happen on the roads of New York every month. Following an unfortunate accident, it is okay to feel overwhelmed and scared, but it is as important to follow the basic protocols. Among other things, you may want to consult a law firm such as King Law for knowing your rights and options to claim damages. In this post, we are sharing the tips that matter after a car accident or crash in New York. 

  1. Stop at the accident scene – call 911. Don’t assume that you don’t need to wait at the car accident scene, if you were not injured or at fault. Stop immediately and make sure that you call the police and 911. The police report is important for the case ahead. 
  2. Get medical assistance. Make sure that you check with a doctor immediately after an accident, even when your injuries don’t seem to be that serious. Sometimes, the impact of injuries caused by a car accident may not be immediately apparent. 
  3. Get evidence. At the accident scene, if you are feeling okay and fine, consider exchanging information with the other drivers involved. Take their insurance and contact details, and if there were witnesses, seek their contact information too. 
  4. File a report. In New York, drivers are required to file the MV-104 report with the DMV within 10 days, if the accident resulted in injuries, death, or involved property damage of $1,000 or more. 
  5. Inform your insurer. Make sure that you report the crash to your insurance company within 30 days, so as to get the benefits of no-fault insurance you have purchased. This is highly important for getting your due compensation. The insurer will investigate the matter and decide on your claim. 

Contact an attorney

While you don’t need to hire a car accident lawyer for your case by law, this could be the most critical step for your case. Ensure that you hire an attorney that you can trust, and don’t forget to ask about their credentials. One of the key reasons to hire an attorney for your car accident case in NY is to negotiate with the insurance company. There are circumstances, when you can also file a personal injury lawsuit against the at-fault driver. 

Let an attorney decide the right course of action for your case, so that you recover all your losses suffered because of the unfortunate car accident.