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Proxy vs VPN: How to Better Protect Your Business


Safety is a top priority for companies and businesses. Data protection is not an option, it is a must. Cyberattacks have become more frequent lately, and simply using basic Windows security measures no longer helps as hackers and attackers gradually develop ways to circumvent them.

As a business owner, you should consider other ways to protect your data. VPNs and proxies are great ways to do this. To reveal the topic, we talked with the employees of the profile service This is what they said in an interview with our correspondent.

VPNs redirect internet traffic to a designated network, thus hiding the original IP address and identity of the user. In turn, the proxy server acts as an intermediary between the client requesting a specific resource and the server that provides it.

Instead of connecting directly to the server, the client will redirect the request to the proxy server, parsing and executing the tasks or transactions in the request.

Proxies are a method of simplifying or managing requests, providing load balancing, privacy, or acting as an additional layer of protection.

What is a proxy?

A proxy server is an intermediary or gateway between end-user clients and the websites they browse, and they broadcast network or protocol traffic.
They provide different levels of security, privacy, and overall functionality depending on your company’s needs and policies.

For example, sending a request to a specific address will go through a proxy server before reaching the website. After that, the request will return through the same proxy server that will forward it to you.

Proxies are not limited to forwarding requests. They will act as firewalls, web filters, and provide shared network connections or cache data.

In addition, they can also be used for mass data collection and provide a high level of privacy, protecting businesses from the malicious software that lurks at the corners of the Internet.

What is VPN?

A VPN is a service that redirects internet traffic to a different starting location, establishing secure and encrypted connections. Thus, it protects the privacy of its users and preserves the confidentiality of their personal data.
Because they make your activities and personal data virtually untraceable through secure and encrypted connections, VPNs provide a secure browsing experience even on public Wi-Fi.

They work by creating a data tunnel between the local network and an exit node located elsewhere. This makes users feel like they were elsewhere, limiting their actual location.

In addition to security, VPNs are also used to bypass regional restrictions that would otherwise restrict access to certain countries or parts of the world.

How are VPNs different from proxies?

While VPNs and proxies both add additional layers of security to companies and allow them to access the Internet anonymously by hiding their IP addresses, they work differently.

There is a big difference between VPN and proxy. The VPN will only encrypt the private connection for safe internet browsing. Basically, it replaces your ISP’s routing, protecting traffic on your network.

Internet access via VPN completely eliminates the risk of using an unencrypted local Wi-Fi connection that would expose you to cyber attacks.

On the other hand, proxy servers provide thousands of different IP addresses that allow users to make the same number of requests. In short, they are required to collect massive amounts of data.

If you want employees to work remotely from a secure environment while gaining access to company resources and confidential data, setting up a VPN is the ideal choice.

On the other hand, if you are more concerned about the sites your customers or users visit, setting up a proxy service is the best option.

In addition, VPNs and proxies are used in different situations, the former being more suitable for B2C (business client) and individual use cases.

Meanwhile, the latter is better suited for data collection, protecting businesses and brands from copyright infringement, enhancing corporate security and privacy, preventing theft of confidential information, monitoring brand reputation and mentions, or balancing traffic (by reducing server load) to save bandwidth.

Consequently, a proxy server will dramatically increase the speed of the corporate network, even reducing the bandwidth required to surf the Internet. VPNs, on the other hand, cannot do this.

What’s more, the home proxy creates multiple connections to different locations, perfect for brand monitoring and data collection.

The main advantages and disadvantages of a proxy

Proxy servers help to control and track company Internet use by allowing or blocking access to certain websites.

They also improve bandwidth utilization and overall network performance by maintaining local copies of websites and (CACHE), which helps when there are multiple requests for the same website.

As we discussed earlier, proxies also provide privacy and security by hiding the authenticity of the original request from the server. It also allows users to access blocked resources.

The main advantages and disadvantages of a VPN

VPNs will make your browsing history untracked by your service provider or even the websites you visit (yes, some websites may also keep a history of all the times you visit them).

In addition, as we have already established, they can hide the IP address and location, which allows you to bypass regional and restricted content.

Streamers can hide their location while streaming to prevent doxing. A VPN will also protect the data that you send and that is sent to your devices, so hackers won’t be able to access it.

Unfortunately, VPNs can also have performance and latency issues, depending on the distance between you and the nearest available server.

Since they use a local client to connect to the server, local memory and CPU issues can slow down the connection.

Website scraping with proxies: the key to a competitive business

Proxies are essentially gateways. They help automate business tasks (collecting or analyzing data) and can unlock huge data sources like Google, allowing you to overcome limitations like IP blocks, CAPTCHAS, etc.

As a business, you can use them in many cases such as SEO research, analysis, price aggregation, data collection, brand protection, or ad verification.

In addition, they offer the means to research competitors, extract profiles of potential employees from public sources, and more.

International companies can transcend national borders, allowing them to validate and cleanse localized data that is typically geographically protected.

Digital marketing agencies use proxy networks to manage their clients’ social media accounts on a daily basis.

Major e-commerce platforms like Skyscanner or Amazon also use proxy servers to store data and set competitive pricing in real time.

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How to quickly return access to the site in case of being banned?


By default, absolutely all users have access to any Internet resources, however, for one reason or another, this access can sometimes be limited. Anyone, even a conscientious user, can easily get banned at the initiative of the owners of the Internet resource or be blocked by the provider. Let’s consider how to continue working on the site in case of getting banned or blocked.

Alternative IP address

Since blocking is always carried out pointwise, and the criterion-identifier of the user is his IP address, then to restore access to the site, you just need to log in from another computer. If this is not possible, or the blockage occurred from all home or work computers, renting a proxy server can be an excellent way out. This is easier to do than it might initially seem. You can become the owner of an alternative dedicated IP-address that is not used by anyone else by renting a proxy on the portal, which offers many different tariffs with favorable prices for server rental for any period. It is noteworthy that the site offers to use free proxies, for which even the minimum fee is not charged. But for stable operation, it is recommended to choose one of the proposed tariffs and rent an alternative IP address first for a test trial period, and then, if necessary, extend the use for the required period.

Maximum savings

Every user of paid proxy servers wants to be able to access a dedicated IP at the lowest cost. And there really is such a possibility. In order to save as much as possible on the rental of a dedicated email address, under which you can access any network resources in any country in the world, it makes sense to carefully consider the choice of the proxy rental service itself, as well as compare the prices for different tariffs. Favorable conditions for the rental of individual IP-addresses are offered on the website, where you can rent just one proxy server, or rent several individual channels of access to Internet resources at once. The most favorable rates apply to package offers, within which a whole set of individual IP-addresses are offered for rent, which can be obtained for use immediately within the framework of one order. First of all, it provides savings due to a favorable tariff. In addition, you can get individual IP-addresses for use to solve several problems at once.

Benefits of using a dedicated proxy

It is important to initially focus on the modern IPv4 / IPv6 standard. It is in it that anonymity, the ability to gain access to blocked resources and high speed are harmoniously combined. Support for Socks5 and https protocols provides additional security for the connection. The only problem is the inability to find a normal free server with good speed, 24-hour availability and stability.

The main advantages of purchasing a dedicated IPv4 proxy include:

  • High speed. It provides a stable connection up to 1 Gbps, which is so important for modern users.
  • Selecting a specific country. For a resource or site, the visitor will look like a real user, from a real provider of the specified state.
  • Availability 24/7. Personal and the channel is always free. This guarantees access to any site at high speed without time limits and unexpected errors.
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Must-have features and technologies for on-demand apps

A smartphone has become a platform for receiving services in a new hassle-free way for users, and the distance between them and the service providers has decreased. The latter also got the possibility to build a robust online presence and connect to the target audience directly. Technology companies are another essential component in this process as they develop customized solutions to cater to consumer needs. Healthcare, education, retail, transportation, beauty, etc. – the list of industries taking advantage of the economy uberization is vast. Even the smallest companies or individuals-freelancers can instantly access the consumer base through third-party apps – deliver home-made food, rent out accommodation, offer childcare, cleaning, consulting services, to name just a few. Besides, clients have a tool to shape the market by assessing the quality of products and services through a rating system

  1. Virtual search

Very often, consumers search for the same thing using different keywords. In many cases, they know what they want but cannot describe it precisely. Integrating visual search into retail shopping apps is an effective way to fulfill clients’ needs. They can print screen images from the web or take a photo in real life, and the system will offer the closest match to your range.

  1. Voice search

Voice search and voice navigation are what can put an app in the vanguard. According to Google, 20 % of all searches are made with voice, and this rate will only increase. Artificial intelligence allows creating hyperlocal features, which means the app will recognize different languages and accents.

  1. AI-based chatbots

If something goes wrong or consumers need consulting on products and services, a chatbot based on artificial intelligence is the trendiest way to be in touch with them. This technology is so advanced that it produces a human-like impression. It is also cost-effective as businesses do not have to pay a customer support team every month.

  1. IoT

The Internet of Things is on the rise and designing software for this niche is very promising. In the future, smart devices will analyze health parameters, and the user will view findings and recommendations on their smartphone. The fridge will remember food habits and compile a shopping list or will stock up automatically. Apps that allow interacting with devices will be in high demand.

  1. Drone deliveries

It is a tribute to contactless interaction, already tested by such giants by Amazon. However, it is possible that seeing drones that deliver morning coffee will become a common thing in the coming years. The new generation of apps must be an integral part of the logistics systems and have such an option as real-time delivery tracking.

  1. Virtual presence

It seems to be a must-have feature in the new world of social distancing. Virtual try-on and similar tools integrated into shopping apps allow us to make better choices, reduce the number of returns, and increase overall client satisfaction. It is also a fun experience, which is an essential factor.

  1. Time management

People are becoming less tolerant of time waste, let alone waiting in lines with others. An on-demand app must allow users to plan everything and get goods and services delivered at an exact time slot: e.g., to select food and beverages from a digital menu, choose the delivery zone (table in a restaurant), and get them served as soon as they enter the venue.

  1. Contactless payments

We have already written about the trends in the fintech industry and the revolution of peer-to-peer payments. With blockchain technologies, financial transactions are incredibly safe and fast. The traditional POS terminals will be eliminated in the near future – users will order, get a bill, and pay through an app, so it must integrate with payment systems, e.g., Stripe.

Cost of on-demand app development

It depends on a variety of factors – scope, platform, technologies, etc. According to an insightful survey by Clutch (B2B ratings and reviews platform), which was held in 2015 and involved 12 leading mobile app developers, the median cost of developing an iPhone app is between $37,913 and $171,450 (excluding maintenance and updates). The participants were asked to estimate the number of hours necessary to design a fully-fledged product. Then the hours spent on each development stage were multiplied by average hourly rates in the US market. Outsourcing mobile app development to a dedicated team in other destinations like Ukraine is the way to lower costs. costs.

To calculate the exact budget, most software firms offer a Discovery Phase – the pre-development investigation stage, which, among others, aims to assess the commercial viability and potential of a product.


According to the Blackthorn Vision website.

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6 Seo Mistakes That Can Rob You Off Your Serp’s Ranking

Today, search engine optimization (SEO) plays an integral role in digital marketing campaigns. From improving the site’s visibility to directing traffic – SEO brings countless benefits to the table. So, do you have an SEO strategy in place? You can start by creating a digital storefront with an easy-to-understand layout and navigation tools. Once your website is up and running, learn about algorithmic changes, updates, and ranking factors to optimize your webpage fully.

However, keeping up with Penguin and Panda updates while catering to over 200 ranking factors can be pretty challenging. As a result, marketers often ignore Google’s regulations and keep their optimization efforts minimal. You might target a couple of keywords and stuff them on your website to bring in more traffic. Similarly, you can create an aesthetic website layout to capitate audiences and increase conversion rates.

These efforts might work, and you might notice your webpage moving up but not any far from pages two and three. Mainly because of your inadequate SEO strategy. Therefore, understand where your SEO campaign is lagging and fix those pitfalls immediately. Here are six SEO mistakes that can rob you of your SERPs rankings and how to avoid them.

1. Missing Quality Links

Does your website have any backlinks or outbound links? If none of the web pages are citing your website, Google won’t see your site as an authoritative figure. The search engine bots cannot crawl to your webpage since internal and external links provide a pathway. Before this affects your rankings, develop a brilliant link building strategy by exploring all quality links relevant to your content. You can earn quality backlinks through guest blogging, brand mentions, and online directories.

Another counterproductive practice is adding links using ineffective anchor text. Marketers believe it improves their ranking chances, but in reality, it wastes precious SEO opportunities. The anchor text explains to readers and bots what the link is about and how it benefits the users. Hence, avoid using ‘click here or contact us’ as your anchor text. In addition to sounding spammy, it doesn’t add value to the link. You have to focus on developing a link building campaign on quality and best practices.

2. Unresponsive Web Design

In today’s competitive landscape, SEO goes beyond content and keywords. It is about your webpage’s quality, user experience, and especially performance on mobile devices. Nowadays, people surf through websites and indulge in online shopping through their smartphones. Instead of adopting the one-size-fits-all approach, you have to invest in a fast and mobile-friendly user experience. It will ensure people don’t face any zooming issues while accessing your website.

Moreover, Google and other search engines can determine if a webpage isn’t mobile-friendly. In turn, it can decrease the site’s rankings. The same goes for loading speed. If your webpage is taking forever to load on mobile devices, it will negatively reflect your overall rankings. Hence, ensure you have a responsive design to make it easy for visitors to navigate your mobile device site.

3. Publishing Duplicate Content

The practice of duplicating content has been there in the markets for decades. While it might have worked back then, today, search engines can penalize this approach. After all, there is room for plagiarized and duplicate content in today’s modern marketplace. Thus, instead of copying content or using spinning software, you must create original and unique content. You can talk about your products, give demos, explain their benefits, or anything that aligns with your brand.

Similarly, you have to ensure your content provides answers, addresses challenges customers face, and offers actionable information. You can give examples or create stories that people resonate with to improve engagement rates. Above all, you should never mislead the readers. Always make striking and impactful headlines that match with your content and delivers value.

4. Incorrect Internal Linking

Naturally, marketers place internal links on the top-performing pages to get more visibility and create additional traction. It might seem like a wise approach but make sure you don’t include internal links if they don’t align with the context. In addition to making your content look like a sales pitch, they leave a wrong impression on your target audience. Similarly, search engines see this as a fraudulent practice that manipulates search results.

Therefore, you have to adopt an intelligent internal linking approach. You can group related topics with internal links and avoid any linking from irrelevant pages. Also, balance the number of internal links you use because having many links on a single page looks spammy. Lastly, audit internal links for broken links and slow pages to improve user experience.

5. Targeting Irrelevant Keywords

Everyone knows how crucial SEO keywords are, but the real deal is to stay abreast of best practices. You have to ensure there are not too many hyper-competitive and irrelevant keywords on the website. Underusing and overusing keywords can make your content look inappropriate and promotional, reducing search engine rankings. Likewise, if your keywords have high-ranking difficulty, it will take forever to make it to the top results.

Thus, choose your keywords carefully. When a keyword is competitive, use the long-tail form of the same keyword for better visibility. Similarly, you only have to use keywords that align with your content to bring traffic with a genuine interest in your offerings. Alongside improving your rankings, keyword placement tactics and significantly improve the conversion rates.

6. Exploiting Tags & Meta Descriptions

Usually, marketers limit their content optimization efforts to targeting keywords. The title tags and meta descriptions are an equally essential component of SEO when we talk about optimization. These optimizing factors help bots crawl to your website and improve your content’s performance. Therefore, add keywords to your URLs and meta descriptions without making them look spammy.

Moreover, you can use schema to markup content and help the search engine understand your site’s context better. It explains to search engines what your site is about, putting your brand in front of prospective customers. You also have to insert Alt tags with images. Since the bots can’t see pictures, they will read these tags to index your webpage. If this doesn’t seem enough, follow Google’s best practices to create eye-catchy titles and snippets.

Final Words

Undoubtedly, SEO can be pretty tricky and complicated, especially if you are new to the digital world. As a result, marketers make mistakes with keyword placement, link building, and web design. Some of them also end up using duplicate content which adversely affects their rankings. If you are on the same boat, learn about these mistakes and implement your SEO strategy’s best practices. Understanding the algorithmic changes might seem overwhelming, but gradually, you will get the hang of it.

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The Bad Things That Can Happen When Your Social Media Are Not Secured

Are you worried someone’s figured out how to get into your Instagram account? If you think about it, here’s how they could go about it, and ways to avoid it from happening.

As one of the most prominent social media platforms, Instagram is extremely vulnerable to account hacking.

I guess the question is, how do scammers access your Instagram account? What will be the consequences? And what steps should you take to ensure the security of your Instagram account?

What Methods are Used to Hack an Instagram Account

It’s possible to hack an account in many ways. Since users who have weak passwords or low account levels of security awareness are vulnerable to social engineering, social engineering may be used to break into those accounts.

Almost anyone who attempts to hack an Instagram profile uses these tools.

Destructive Applications

You are vulnerable to getting a virus if you log in to your account while infected with a virus. Malicious software can be accessed by clicking on a suspicious connection or attachment, or installing an email attachment.

Do several websites or websites use phishing methods to obtain and share passwords?

While determined hackers will target accounts to crack them, the tools used to do so are almost certainly not legal in most countries around the world. Often the program is actually counterfeit, used to entrap users who try to hack into another user’s account.

Third-party applications

Your credentials could be stolen by a third-party application as well.

There are integrations with Instagram and related sites like Facebook to provide this.

A few poor passwords can cause serious problems with account protection, such as allowing users to gain unauthorized access and reveal sensitive data.

If you use the same password on another account, hackers might use this one in order to invade your personal data.

Similarly, being provided with a security question that is too simple gives the wrong answer can lead to a security breach.

Over-familiarity With Computer

If you sign in automatically with your smartphone or computer, then anyone with the appropriate device has access to your account.

It is possible that by gaining access to your email or mobile phone, they will know your password’s authentication code. If your authentication fails due to connection problems, then enter a recovery code.

Two-factor authentication can be an issue if someone else gets the computer

What happens when an account is hacked?

When an account is compromised, the reason and technique for the hack would be different. If it’s someone similar to you on the other side of the family, you might not see any account changes.

When it comes to hackers and online imposters, it can be important to the account itself, as well as to its usability. It is possible that these users will be unable to access the account. You can get locked out of an account if someone else manages the passwords.

Hackers often ask for ransom. Some usernames and photographs can be modified, while others are left intact. People also create and sell off thousands of accounts to gain monetary gain financially.

What you need to dodo you do if your Instagram account has been hacked?

The safety measures have been made more secure in response to compromised user accounts. These modifications reduce the risk of account hacking and allow people who have been victimized to regain access to their own information.

You will notify Instagram when your account is compromised. They will write down all of the particulars, see to it that the case is properly investigated, and help speed up the return process.

If you’ve been logged out of your account, select “My login details aren’t valid” to report the error. Until you are verified, you will be given access to the account.

When you try to contact help, you will be asked to identify yourself. The following is requested of users:

  • a photo of yourself with the code they have personally given you
  • username or phone number and the computer that was used when you registered.
  • after the verification information have been obtained, they will provide guidance to assist you in getting the account back online.
  • the wonderful thing about Instagram is that it is able to recover messages, videos, articles, and photos after they’ve been removed. This is focused on the information being stored for 30 days in the app.
  • follow these instructions if you believe your account has been compromised and are still able to gain access to your account:
  • do you have the latest password? The right password should be hard to guess, so that hackers would be unable to enter your account.
  • make it mandatory for all logins and use the codes that come with extra authentication methods such as U2F safer by making two-factor authentication compulsory. People trying to hack your account will also need access your computer or service.
  • to make sure your email and phone number is associated with your account, go ahead and make sure it is right. To verify an email is legitimate, open a new Instagram window to make sure that your account has not been compromised. However, if it isn’t a genuine, it may be a scam. Look at the photo IDs on and web page to make sure you’re on a different account from the phone before using all of them on the internet to ensure you’re not spoofed on Instagram.
  • analyze which third-party applications and linked accounts have access to your Instagram Log in operation will be visible in the Security section of your account. protect your account from compromise and threats by blocking or removing access from suspicious users You can monitor your geographic location and which devices are connected to your account. As well if you don’t know any of the terms above, just log out of them.

You must do everything you can to prevent your Instagram account from being hacked. One of important things for it is getting a blue badge on Instagram.

There are things you can do to keep your account from being compromised

These are simple tasks and provide considerable privacy and privacy protection as well: A compromised account can completely ruin your security.The only remedy is to nip it in the bud by taking simple precautions.

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How you will benefit from Android app promotion?

All developers want their apps to be at the top positions of app markets. But in reality many of them face problems during promotion that mean loss of revenue and unsuccessful projects. Grounding on statistics 70% of companies had similar problems. Here we explain how in two weeks and minimum budget one can get to the top 20.

Screening before actual promotion campaign

Screening is a short-term campaign that includes promotion for all the groups of words and phrases you are going to promote in future. It will show you how many installs approximately each keyword requires per day. It will take not more than 2-3 days but that is sufficient time to check the next aspects:

  • If 10-15 installs per keyword is enough to raise the app at least for 1-2 positions.
  • How does the growth of different keywords vary? Which ones need 10-15 installs per day to grow and for which it is not enough (they remain at the same positions).
  • What low-score keywords easily rise in ranking? Can they improve ranking for shorter and more convertible words and phrases?

Start first installs for fast rising in ranks

Next step to do is dividing all keywords into groups considering their meaning and needed time for promotion.For example, while screening the keyword was at 100th position and with only 30 installs it got +5 positions, so you can start with 40-50 installs daily for it. In this case it will rise 10-15 positions up. The higher position you get the more installs per day is required, so next time you will need 50-60 installs.

To get the best results you should start a 7 days promotion of 4-5 keywords in one campaign. Algorithms will react much better to gradual increases by these words and keywords. So, in just one week your app will get to the top 20th where it will be seen by organic users.

Are you ready to try Android app promotion right now? Contact us now, do not lose your chance to be at the top.

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Review desktop vacuum thermoforming machine SMARTFORM 450

The SMARTFORM 450 desktop vacuum forming machine is a compact and functional vacuum former. The machine was designed based on our company’s extensive experience in forming small parts. We have tried to maintain industrial reliability and capabilities. It is easy toforming even absolute novice on the equipment, and the list of manufacture dproducts surprises even professionals.

SMARTFORM 450 is excellent suit for:

  • companies producing outdoor advertising;
  • architectural companies;
  • educational institutions;
  • companies providing prototyping services;
  • industrial companies;
  • anyone who creates small products.

Today SMARTFORM 450 is the best among competitors in its technical characteristics. The working area of the machine is 450 * 450 mm, and the maximum forming depth reaches 200 mm. The thickness of the plastic for forming can be up to 5-6 mm. All machine components are mathematically designed for long-term non-stop work and are ready to withstand heavy loads. The desktop vacuum former provides basic options from industrial versions of equipment. Pre-stretching of the plastic is available to reduce wall thickness variation. Equipped with ventilation form for easy removal of products from form. The industrial heater is based on quartz infrared heaters. User can adjust the power of different zones. The powerful vacuum system makes it easy to forming even plastic that has not fully transformed the state of thermoplastic. Devices are installed to protect against electric shock. Equipped with a dimmer to protect the operator from electric shock and external protection from hot areas of the machine.

Vacuum forming machine SMARTFORM 450 has a steel table for clamping of form. The process of fixing and removing the form is very easy. Previously, on the basis of the form, it is necessary to fix several neodymium magnets with a clearance of 1 mm, and then simply put the form on the table. Also, fastening of forms using bolted connections and equipment is available. The equipment has an optimal power of 5 kW and can be connected to a 220 V. Warranty 12 months.

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Most correct habits for a software developer

Make a habit of reading useful articles, books, channels on social networks at least for half an hour a day. Every day you need to “discover” at least one new technology or useful news. It is also considered good practice to go out at least once a month: to attend meetings, speeches of famous specialists, hackathons, and conferences. Well, or at least just spend the evening in a friendly atmosphere with colleagues. In addition to relaxing in all these cases, you will have a great opportunity to make new acquaintances and exchange experiences.

Work with someone else’s code

We at WebSailors believe that exploring the code of other developers and learning how to read it is an extremely useful skill for any developer. With the study of such sources of knowledge, you solve at least two problems: learn how to write beautiful and maintainable code, or learn how not to do it. Parsing someone else’s project will also help you train your code debugging skill. All these skills and competencies will definitely come in handy to improve the quality of your own work.

Test all your programs

If you are often accompanied by criticism of the customer or colleagues on the topic “yes this code of yours doesn’t work at all”, then do not rush to consider yourself an incomprehensible genius or strive to turn everything into “crutches” to make it work. It is much better to train yourself to test your own programs before they reach the customer. The important questions are: What testing methods can the customer use? What could be the weak points of your code? It is better to find out in advance than to spend time debugging and reworking after the release of the work done.

Upgrade your English skills regularly.

The important skill, the development of which is also worth turning into a habit. Almost always when a client wants to hire good software developers, he asks to phone with him and talk to understand the level of knowledge of the programmer. In the world of web-development it won\t go anywhere far without English. We hope that you probably understand that. The vast majority of new books, technical documentation, articles, notes, and even comments in code are written in English. Therefore, it is useful to accustom yourself to learn at least five new words a day, start at least one conversation in English with a client / colleague (if possible). Watching TV shows with English voice acting or singing songs in English will also help. And try to take courses to improve the level of the language at least once a year – such certificates will definitely not be redundant for you.

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Why is it Fatal to Use Google Translator for Business Translations?

In the 21st century, globalization and technological innovations are leading the way for businesses. Both have allowed us to cross borders, communicate with other continents, and discover new languages. All this has been facilitated by technology, which allows us to interact online with people who literally live on the other side of the planet.

However, one of the first barriers that can get in the way of interpersonal relationships is language. It is true that English is the universal language, and that it is most used when communicating with people whose native language is different from yours. Despite this, it is common to encounter the problem that we do not have English as internalized as we would like.

At this point, having access to smartphones and the Internet, we resorted to the simplest option of all: an online translator and, more specifically, Google Translator, the best known to all.

This online translator was launched in 2006 and has been one of Google’s most popular tools ever since. The platform, which is accessed by more than 200 million people a day, has a translation capacity of 103 languages.

Although it is increasingly accurate in languages ​​such as English and Spanish, as they are the most widely spoken languages ​​in the world, it cannot be guaranteed that it will accurately and reliably translate any language. Also, for languages ​​like Basque or some with less population of speakers, it gets even more difficult to find translations that can meet quality standards..

Association of German translation companies list the drawbacks Google Translate has:

Being an online translator, that is, a machine, it is prepared to translate robotically and mechanically. In other words, it is prepared to translate, but not to interpret.

This is one of the main drawbacks that an online translator like Google Translate has compared to translations carried out by a professional in the sector. What other disadvantages does it present? We tell you:

  • The translation will never be perfect: Although a text translated by an online translation tool reaches a high level of precision today, it cannot reach the level of translation that a professional translator offers you.
  • Inconsistencies in grammar: As already mentioned, the robot translates mechanically, without making sense of the phrase or context. A translator not only translates, but he or she also interprets the meaning of the general text, ensuring that it makes complete sense.
  • Colloquial expressions and language: Just as an online translator does not make sense of the phrase, neither is it prepared to learn the culture of the language and to be able to interpret certain colloquial or figurative expressions.
  • Machine translations do not grasp human emotion: Unless programmed with artificial intelligence technology, machine translations cannot grasp human emotion. Humour, irony, sarcasm, etc. are certain aspects often overlooked by these online tools.
  • Machine translations fail to detect errors: Since some machine translations do not identify errors, they do not perform rectification of these errors either.

In short, when moving from one language to another, the translator, without interpretive or cultural knowledge of the language, will be able to translate word by word, without giving a contextual relevance to everything. In contrast, a professional translator has the ability to achieve a 100% accurate translation, without grammatical inconsistencies and with a complete sense of the text.

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When app store optimization saves money for promotion

There are many ways you can promote your application to make it popular. You can buy keyword installs or market your application with display ads or with referral links. In any case, any of your potential users visits your app page and faces the decision to download your application. Most developers do a great job acquiring new traffic to their app page but lost up to 250% of new users from lack of experience in app store optimization.

When we talk about app store improvements for the application we commonly mean the work with keywords, texts and visuals. Tuning up of these parameters makes your product visible at the search, noticeable, clickable and convertible into downloads. All together they should convince the client to install and try your application out.

Improve keywords and texts of the product

When we optimize keywords, it means we create the list of the most convertible and targeted words and phrases users type in to find the app like yours. It is crucial to find all the words so you do not miss the potential traffic in search. When this part of optimization is done, we pick the most important and embed them into the description, title and subtitles. Our text should be without spam, brand names, reflect all the functions, tips and advantages of the product.

Visual optimization makes your app clickable

After text optimization, move to the visuals. Make your icon appealing and clickable. It should immediately give your potential users the idea of what the app is about and make it stand out of the search results. The screens should reveal all the information about product UI and features one will never have with the competitors. Choose the screens wisely and prepare original call-to-actions with relevant keywords. You can place them as captures and get a boost in search rank. Get more into app store optimization with our expertise and support. is a self-service platfrom for application promotion with keywords installs and search optimization.