10 Reasons why you need an acoustic panel


It is always a man’s dream to decorate its house and make it look like the promised land. Not only your home, but it can be offices, schools or any other place as well. For that, you require many different types of materials for many purposes, such as constructing, waterproofing and soundproofing, etc. Soundwave can be annoying sometimes when they spread out in your room. For that, you may require soundproofing. there are many materials you can use according to your feasibility

Other than diffusers and bass traps, acoustic panels are used for acoustic treatment. Acoustic panels are sound-absorbing panels that can be used for many areas for controlling and reducing noise.it is made up of the special foam which is known to reduce the amplitude of waves. Many companies design acoustic panels, which helps you to change the dynamics of your room and create a better sonic experience. One of them is autex that sell a large variety of acoustic wall panels and acoustic ceiling tiles. This company also sells online and does free shipping Australia wide to create the best customer relationship. Acoustic panels are generally used for places when the eco or sound resonance of a room is high. The other reason can be to decorate your home. Therefore, it is necessary not to mix as there is a wide difference between soundproofing and acoustic treatment of your walls.

Before we dive in, let’s give a thought on how your needs and desires are completely fulfilled by lots of innovations. Other than using soundproof curtains and ear defenders, here comes the need for the acoustic panel. So, let’s talk about some reasons why you should give a second thought on buying acoustic panels:


Correcting the acoustics of a room improves the visual appearance of your home and acoustic comfort as well. Untreated rooms often have uneven frequencies which can lead to disturbance. When it comes to flexibility, acoustic panels come in two different types:

  • Metal Wall-mounted panels
  • Gobos or moveable baffles

Firstly, wall-mounted panels are used for the overall purposes of a study or a home. secondly, gobos or moveable baffles are used for the portioning of musical instruments. Moreover, you can use acoustic walls on your door, ceilings, windows, etc. it is also available for every room type for the example bedroom, hall room or orchestra room. acoustic panels also come in different textures, such as:

  • Plasterboard 
  • Wood 
  • Aluminium 
  • Polyester
  • Fabric
  • Timber
  • Printed
  • Plastic 
  • moss

Key features

Echoing sound gives the impression that the background noise is irritating enough to live peacefully. This leads to a lack of concentration in the room and can result in fatigue and tiredness. It proves you room for the isolation if you’re an introvert and like being in your room. The best thing about acoustic panel is that it comes in many different sizes, shapes, and colours. Most panels sound absorbing features depend on its thickness and thinness. The other features can be that it is made up of different surfaces which can be flat, wedged or pyramid type Acoustic panels are also lightweight. The important things are that acoustic panels are designed to absorb sounds from mid to high frequencies only.

Material and Durability

Architects and interior designers are generally very observant when it comes to decorating the homes. Due to this reason, the market place is covered with materials with a good sense of style and durability. When we talk about the acoustic panel’s material, it consists of acoustic foam or an open-celled foam or a single colour or fabric. You can also choose perforated wood acoustic panels. These materials are always known to give a classy outlook, elegance, and sophistication. Both of them are easily adjustable and diffusible according to your style. The durability can be tested on the matter that acoustic panels are highly used in:

  • Churches
  • Synagogues
  • Libraries
  • Museums
  • Bars and restaurants
  • Hospitals
  • Conference rooms 

Create or install on your own

Regardless of the idea that you can buy acoustic panels online or from a shop. There is always a helping way which can be o design your own.it only requires your creativity, material and time. Other than creating, you can also install acoustic panels on your home, without anyone’s help. For that, you may require some adhesives, gules and sticking substances with more durability. However, don’t forget to not tear out our panels which can cause damage to your paint. Don’t forget to measure twice and stick once.

Cheap cost

So you have your ideal set up of your studio home, but then you don’t have a good quality acoustic panel in your home which may result in poor noiselessness. That’s why it is necessary to buy panels that are cheap and also of very good material. Although buying these panels can be challenging as well as time taking. Foam wedges are cheap then fibreglass insulation panels. Fiberglass board requires a frame to protect it from breaking or collapsing. On the other hand, acoustic foam is strongly resistant to maintain its worth. For choosing rightly, you can create a rating chart of all the companies providing acoustic panels. On the other hand, you can also ask around people for suggestions and reviews.

Easy to reach

For knowing the best acoustic panel, people always visit websites and fill their forms about their desired panels. You can also put images of your drawing and plans for suggestions. Within some time, different designers and companies can join you to discuss the projects with lots of recommendations. Once you are persistent, you can start renovating and enhancing your home.  


Have you ever considered its importance, need, and how the modern world is changing? Therefore, the modern world is introducing users to innovations. Now it is our responsibility to explore those options. These acoustic sound panels initial priority is to make your home better. The other priority can be to create a peaceful environment to produce great mixes. If you need to find out how many acoustic panels you are required for your room, you can always online room acoustics analysis website. This way, you can also be able to get an opinion and information.

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