When app store optimization saves money for promotion


There are many ways you can promote your application to make it popular. You can buy keyword installs or market your application with display ads or with referral links. In any case, any of your potential users visits your app page and faces the decision to download your application. Most developers do a great job acquiring new traffic to their app page but lost up to 250% of new users from lack of experience in app store optimization.

When we talk about app store improvements for the application we commonly mean the work with keywords, texts and visuals. Tuning up of these parameters makes your product visible at the search, noticeable, clickable and convertible into downloads. All together they should convince the client to install and try your application out.

Improve keywords and texts of the product

When we optimize keywords, it means we create the list of the most convertible and targeted words and phrases users type in to find the app like yours. It is crucial to find all the words so you do not miss the potential traffic in search. When this part of optimization is done, we pick the most important and embed them into the description, title and subtitles. Our text should be without spam, brand names, reflect all the functions, tips and advantages of the product.

Visual optimization makes your app clickable

After text optimization, move to the visuals. Make your icon appealing and clickable. It should immediately give your potential users the idea of what the app is about and make it stand out of the search results. The screens should reveal all the information about product UI and features one will never have with the competitors. Choose the screens wisely and prepare original call-to-actions with relevant keywords. You can place them as captures and get a boost in search rank. Get more into app store optimization with our expertise and support.

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