Tools That Can Help You to Automate Your SEO


Having the right tools to monitor, evaluate and improve your site’s organic content is one of the most important factors in determining the successful implementation of your SEO strategy.

To help you save time on some of the most important SEO aspects, here are just three useful tools that you can rely on to improve your digital marketing.

Monitor Backlinks with Ahrefs

Discover backlink opportunities by evaluating your competitors’ link profile using Ahrefs and you can fill gaps in your content with pages that are strategic and valuable.

According to a survey Search Engine Journal, Ahrefs is preferred above Moz, Majestic and Buzzsumo for monitoring competitors’ backlinks.

It can help you identify keywords that your site is not ranking for but your competitors are, and can help you plan larger site categorization changes as well as inspire one-off pieces of new content.

Notifications of when your competitor gains a new backlink are another useful feature of Ahrefs.

Set Alerts for Technical Changes with Little Warden

Manually monitoring changes to the technical aspects of your website, checking http to https 301 redirects and keeping an eye on important renewals takes too much time. But with Little Warden you can cut this time right back and let it make hourly checks and flag up to you when things look wrong. It can also be integrated with Slack to make managing alerts even easier, and if you’re looking for SEO services in London, agencies like Elevate UK will be using tools such as Little Warden to ensure your site is technically optimised.

Keyword Tracking with STAT

Limitless tracking of keywords and phrases that describe the contents of your site with STAT will take the headache out of assessing when you need to make moves to keep up with your competitors.

Monitor the change in ranking over time, and agencies that provide SEO services in London can use STAT to automate surveys of the competitor landscape and create customisable reports about what they’ve found out to help you move forward your SEO strategy.

With tools like these you can start to feel more in control of your SEO strategy, enjoying ways to improve your performance without being shackled to Google Search Console all day every day.

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