Tips To Create Your Personal Name Labels


A lot of children are asked by their schools, daycares, camps, and campuses to label all the items that they bring with them. These can be from their lunch boxes to their water bottles, books, copies, change of clothes, any exercise gear, and everything in between. Who wouldn’t like to have their kids come back home accompanied by everything that they went to school with or gym, daycare, or anywhere else that they went? Once they are done with their schools, they head off to college where they have to share everything from a dorm room to the laundry, shared bathrooms, and everything else. For these purposes and more, what you need are name labels that you can place on all their items so that they can find them among the rest and bring them safely back home.

Now, no one is stopping you from using a marker and a piece of masking tape. That is the most basic way that you can make name labels for the things that your children have. But there is the risk of your labels coming off after every time you wash the items or every time some grease is left on them. So, you will need to either spend more to buy long-lasting name labels or make some of your own.

If you want something that is not only functional but also looks beautiful, and you want to make sure that the teacher or anyone who knows your children send the items back, then you need to invest in good personal name labels. That is because markers and masking tapes are good, but they might not be readable after some time.


Name labels are not only good for children going to schools, camps, colleges, but also for adults who have to go to nursing homes, or any other type of assisted living facilities. If they are not completely independent, then they need to have all their belongings labeled so that there is no confusion and no one else uses any of their stuff. It will be easier for them to track all of their belongings whether they are at the yoga studio, gym or anywhere else.


Name labels are the durable, safe, and stylish way of keeping track of your belongings as well as the belongings of your loved ones. Keep all your items organized so that you can find your stuff at the right time and you won’t have to run around the house in a frantic manner looking for something at the eleventh hour. Label all your food containers, bottles, cups, as well as thermoses, lunch boxes, sports equipment and everything else in the house. Good quality name labels will ensure that they don’t wear off quickly and won’t wash away after every few washes. You can get name labels that are waterproof, dishwasher-safe, laundry safe, non-toxic and can be used on any item whether it has to remain in the house or it has to leave.


So, you are ready to get labels for everything that you and your family own.

That’s great!

How do you decide what a good quality label should have?

Here are some of the features of name labels that will help you and your family keep track of your belongings.


A good label will not be very difficult to apply, nor will they take a lot of your time. This means that for most parents, stick-on name labels are better than iron-on name labels. This is especially the case if you have small children who need to be watched, especially around the iron while you are ironing. Stick-on labels are safe, and they don’t take too much effort or time. They also come in handy if you have to apply them to something at the last minute. Let’s face it, and no one wants to start ironing at the last minute.


We don’t use labels on just anything. We use labels on items that tend to be used the most. And the items that are used the most are washed the most. This means that a high-quality label should have adhesive properties that will help it stick to the item and not come off. You don’t want the label to peel off after the first wash, do you? These items might also come in contact with the dryer, and the labels might start flaking. So make sure that the labels that you choose can withstand washing and drying and have the ability to hold on.


A lot of companies offer all types of packages that contain different types of labels of various sizes. They can be used on all types of materials like fabric, metal, plastic, and everything else that you can think of. You could buy your labels separately for different kinds of uses. For example, you can buy a label sheet for using on fabrics and then buy more that is good for metal. A good company, however, will offer a complete package which will comprise of the various types of labels so that you can get them all at a discounted price and at the same time. Just make sure that you preview the items before you start buying. Aesthetics are important, but they are not the only thing to consider. Some labels have extra space so that you can write your contact information on them like your mobile number, email, or an online link so that if someone wants to return your property, they can do that easily.


This has more to do with the company that is sending you the labels than the labels themselves, but it is an important factor nonetheless. You don’t want your labels to arrive a day after your kids have started school and have lost half of their belongings already. Similarly, you don’t want to receive the labels a couple of days after you have sent your elderly parents to the assisted living facility. So make sure that you check for shipping prices as well as time so that they arrive on time.


When you start looking for labels, you will find thousands of designs and colors, ranging from Hello Kitty labels to other branded characters as well as random visuals and graphics. You have the option to choose one of them, or you can go for the simple and no-nonsense labels that just have a name written in a readable font and nothing else. You can also go for blank labels and write the name yourself. What you want your labels to look like is totally your choice. You can even let your kids choose the labels that they want on their belongings. Looking good and beautiful is important, but the thing that takes precedence to aesthetics is the readability. Make sure that the labels have the name and any contact information written on them in legible handwriting or font so that if they do get lost and someone finds them, they can be easily read and sent back to you.


Some labels are so permanent that even when you do want to remove them, you will have a hard time taking them off. This could be that you are handing that item from an older sibling to a younger sibling or that you are giving them away. Whether you are making your own labels or buying them online, make sure that when you take them off, they don’t leave any residue or a piece of themselves on the item.


Whether you want to buy your labels online or you want to make them yourself, just keep the above pointers in your mind, and you will be good to go.

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