Benefits of a Visitor Management Software


Have you ever felt the need to know how many visitors come into your workplace building? Or specifically, tried finding out details about a visitor that came in your office at some precise day or time? If you have, you would know how cumbersome it is to track down a visitor at an exact instance.

If you maintain a physical logbook, it would mean going through all the entries to single out the one you need. In addition, doing this would require time and effort of resources that could have been utilized somewhere more productive. However, we have a solution to avoid this: Visitor Management Software.

A Visitor Management Software (VMS) helps you keep track of all the visitors coming into your building or office space. Depending on the specifications of the software installed, a visitor management software can provide you with various details regarding your visitors.

Getting a visitor management software can add value to your business in numerous ways. In the read ahead, we are going to mention a few of such valuable benefits.

  • Security:

The first and most obvious advantage of getting visitor management software is security. If your business deals in sensitive information, then keeping a watch on who can enter your office space is necessary.

Based on the nature of your work, your office might store confidential documents, business secrets, and other classified information. Keeping this in mind, letting people wander around your office space without a check may not be a smart move.

VMS software will also enhance employee security. To hire a top-notch workforce and employees, it is vital to provide them with a safe and secure work environment.

  • Brand Image:

First impressions are always important, be it in person or for brands and businesses. Research shows that you have approximately 7 seconds to make either a good impression or a bad one. Making sure you portray the right impact is crucial for scoring future customers for your business.

Businesses maintaining a healthy brand image in the market are known to affect consumer behaviors for the better. Moreover, installing high-tech software rather than the old practice of maintaining a logbook will give the impression that the business maintains quality in their workplace management.  Consequentially, a strong visitor management software will help give your business a good image.

  • Avoiding Threats: A visitor management system may also have an option of requiring the visitor to scan their government-issued identification or a driving license. This will act as a deterrent for suspicious people or criminals.

This might also be very helpful in the case of post-incident investigations. In case some suspicious activity has already taken place, having a visitor management system may help track down the person by retrieving information from a national identification database.

  • Emergency: There are known incidents where visitors were stuck in a building during an emergency and suffered damages. One other benefit of a visitor management system is to keep an account of the people entering your building premises. This may be extremely helpful in the case of an emergency evacuation situation. You can use the software to get details of all the people inside your office at the moment and make sure they are evacuated to a safe space.
  • Visitor Privacy: Maintaining an open visitor register can put your customer’s information at risk. While maintaining security for your own office is crucial, making sure the details of your customers is also not exposed for others to see, is also important.

Your customers might also feel safe knowing that their details are secure inside a software rather than in an open register.

  • Maintaining a Paper-Free Space: The environmental impact of consuming paper has been under discussion for quite a while. As a part of their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy, businesses have been trying to act dutifully and move towards paper-free work environments. A visitor management software helps achieve this objective. It will eradicate the usage of registers or physical paper logbooks to store the information.

This will enhance the brand image since the business will be seen to be playing a responsible role in society by managing its environmental footprint. Going paper-free might attract more customers who view CSR as a vital part of their policy.

  • Increased Efficiency: Constant interruptions tend to affect work efficiency adversely. Workplaces that do not employ a full-time receptionist often let their employees suffer due to interruptions from visitors. Research shows that productivity massively declines in the case of workers that are regularly interrupted in comparison to employees who work uninterrupted. Therefore, a visitor management software will help increase employee efficiency.


The benefits of a Visitor Management Software certainly outweigh the costs that go on to prove that a VMS adds immense value to a business set up. Keeping in view the abovementioned benefits, installing a VMS in your office/workplace would be a very smart and efficient choice.

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