Buying a gaming laptop is a practical decision made by many people who prefer gaming on the computer. Over the past few years, gaming laptops have become incredibly popular for many reasons. Previously, there was a major divide between laptops and desktops, simply because desktops were able to run more powerful games without compromising on performance. Now, gaming laptops have bridged the gap considerably, offering a much smoother and better performance. If you are interested in buying a gaming laptop, then you should visit as soon as possible to know more about your dream gaming laptop. however, you need to carefully look at the pros and cons and decide whether you want to buy one or not. Here are some of the biggest pros and cons that you should keep in mind.


Gaming Laptops are Cheaper

One of the biggest reasons why most people prefer gaming laptops versus desktop computers is because they are comparatively cheaper. Even the most powerful gaming laptops are not as expensive as their desktop counterparts. If you aren’t willing to spend a large sum of money on PC gaming, you would be better off buying a gaming laptop. You can easily buy the best gaming laptop online at a discount, since many companies often run promotional campaigns, marking down their prices considerably.


When building a gaming PC, you have to buy different components from different places and then put them all together on your own. This is not the case with gaming laptops. Simply buy the machine, turn it on, install your favourite games and start playing!


This might be taken as a given, but it needs to be mentioned. Gaming laptops are portable, thus allowing you to play when on the go. Are you embarking on a long flight? Take your laptop along and play your favourite games while in the air!


Compromises Performance

For the same price that you will pay for a gaming laptop, you could build a gaming PC that will perform much better. Gaming laptops use mobile versions of graphics cards and other components, which provide much lower performance than one would expect. As a result, some of the most demanding games right now, such as Witcher 3, might cause problems when you try to use higher graphical settings.

Smaller Screen

If you simply want to play games on a bigger screen, building a PC would be a better idea. Some will argue that you can also connect a laptop to a screen through an HDMI cable, but that will just put a greater load on your laptop’s graphics card. If you don’t like gaming on a small screen and don’t really travel a lot, buying a gaming laptop is not such a good idea.


Compared to sleek, smart-looking laptops, gaming laptops are quite bulky. They have to prioritize function over design, since additional exhaust fans need to be installed on laptops in order to compensate for all the heat built up while games are running.

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