A safe way of using the printer at the office


Do you find the printer frequently in need of maintenance? This could be because the staff at your office are not taking the proper care of the photocopier and printers needed. Moreover, the lack of visibility and accountability makes the staff use the printer wrongly resulting in a waste of time and money getting it repaired.

Follow the below tips to ensure the printer is not misused at the office –

Ensure to never overload the paper tray. Overloading the tray will cause the machine to have trouble feeding the paper properly during the printing process, and cause paper jam. Check the fill level mentioned on the tray and load the paper accordingly.

Another point to remember is that the papers are neatly placed in the tray, tightly. Also, ensure that the paper is wrinkle-free.

If you find the paper in the tray is getting used frequently, consider changing the tray to a bigger size or check for a new machine that can be loaded with more papers. Click here to find more details if you are looking for medium size photocopier machine,

A photocopier is a sensitive and complex electronic device. When you find the paper jam in the machine, look at the display panel to find the cause of the paper jam. To remove the paper jam, first, unplug the machine and open the device slowly to fix the jam. Never force pull the paper as it could cause the ripping of the jammed paper.

When you have the weekend and the office is shut down, the chances of the copy machine going to sleep mode is high. So when we get back to the office after the two days leave, the printer machine should be given time to wake up. But note that when the machine wakes up, it will automatically enter the calibration mode. Another important point is that the machine needs some time to warm its drum. The warming helps the machine to print accurately and efficiently.

Do not push any button over and over during this time. This affects the waking up of the machine and causes the damage that would need the technician’s help. Ensure to give it enough time to warm up. When the machine is given time to warm up slowly, it will in return give you high-quality copies. After this, copy a test page.

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