Benefits of Checking Your Domain Authority with Contconcord


Domain Authority (DA) is a ranking metric that was introduced by Moz that calculates how well a website will rank on search engines.

DA Metrics

Moz introduced Domain Authority in 2006 as an algorithm that measures a domain’s ability to earn links from other websites. The higher the DA score, the better your website’s chance of ranking high in SERPs. Now obviously, you would require a reliable tool to check your website’s Domain Authority, and is the best solution for this right now.

Benefits of using this Checker

This DA PA Checker lets you check multiple domains at once with a few other benefits like,

1. Helps You Understand How Hard It Will Be to Rank for Specific Keywords:

If you’re trying to determine whether it’s worth your time to target a specific keyword, checking its DA can be one factor you use to help make that decision. A high DA means there are likely many strong competitors vying for those top spots in SERPs, while a low DA may indicate that it would be easier (and more worthwhile) for your site to try and rank for related keywords instead.”

2. Shows Which Pages Are Likely Being Referred To By External Links:

When another site links back at yours with the rel=”nofollow” attribute specifying they don’t want any credit passed along – what we call spammy linking – their link doesn’t help improve PageRank or send juice anywhere,” explained Rand Fishkin, Founder of Moz.” “However, if referring traffic is one of your goals, a high DA can indicate that many other websites are already pointing visitors your way.”

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