Ten benefits of using promotional products in your business


Promotional items are effective due to their popularity and usefulness. They are small gifts that you give to your customers, employees or business partners to strengthen relationships and increase motivation. But promotional items are not just useful for existing connections. They can also be the beginning of an intensive customer relationship. So they can also play a role in the decision for the company.

Many companies are very concerned about their customers’ aversion to the usual marketing measures. Newsletters are canceled, advertisements are ignored. Many people find advertising in the mailbox annoying, but everyone enjoys receiving branded products. Promotional items are popular. They are often used, whether at home or at work. This regular use creates the psychological effect of the bond with your company. Because a high-quality and useful promotional item also speaks in a figurative sense for the services of the advertising company and can, therefore, work wonders in terms of customer care. They also act as brand ambassadors for your company, present it to the public and carry your logo around the world.


If you choose the right article for your marketing strategy, nothing stands in the way of success. Various factors are important when deciding on a particular giveaway.

  1. Should it be a high-quality giveaway or versatile giveaway?
  2. What does your target group look like?
  3. What is the reason for the use?
  4. What is your budget?
  5. Flexible in use about the occasion and target group

Inexpensive promotional items are particularly well suited for occasions such as trade fairs, mailing campaigns or an open house in your company. Whenever you cannot estimate exactly which audience awaits you and you can count on a lot of customers, all-rounders such as bottle openers, sweets etc. are well suited. They serve a broad clientele without being subject to major restrictions from the outset. The advertising effect is particularly successful if the giveaway you choose has a clear reference to the occasion or event or maybe even fulfills a specific function within the framework of the event.

It depends on the type of promotional item.

It is best to be guided by this motto when choosing your promotional items. Analyze your target group, the occasion and the context in which you want to sell your promotional items to men or women. What are your customers’ interests and preferences? Which article is useful to whom, when and how what? Then you decide which type of promotional item from the various choices is best to use.

To keep and expand your customer base, innovative ways of advertising are necessary. Companies benefit in many ways, from correctly used advertising materials. They have a positive effect on the thinking and acting of potential customers – and that is exactly what is important for a company.

Here you will learn ten reasons that will convince you to use promotional items.

  1. The most important reason and therefore, also the first Promotional items have a sustainable advertising effect – they are used regularly due to their usefulness and are a positive reminder of the company. Always rely on quality for the advertising material.
  2. Adaptability – Unlike advertising on radio or television, which can only be heard or seen, advertising media can adapt to the company or the industry individually and appropriately.
  3. Customers pay attention to freebies- Getting something for free is anchored positively. Another plus is its haptic character, which offers a completely different experience compared to other media. Thus, they not only create optimal marketing of their own company but also give the customer added value.
  4. Giveaways are popular – everyone is happy about an original and useful promotional item, is not it getting a sensible product that is used regularly and is always remembered for its usefulness creates a recurring positive memory of your company. Advertising media are, therefore, an interesting opportunity to make themselves felt with your customers again and again.
  5. By using advertising materials, you can reach exactly the target groups that you also want to reach Fidget spinners, hip gym bags, without which no young person leaves the house today. Or a Bluetooth speaker is potential products for the younger generation to advertise. Also, it helps you to find your target market, which can boost your sales.
  6. Usable, unique promotional items have a positive effect on the company’s image – they make the company stand out from others and thus increase the value of their brand or logo. Promotion also increases the brand value and brand awareness among people. So it is quite helpful for the business.
  7. A good merchandising product acts as a brand ambassador for your company – for example, suppose someone gets a Thermo coffee mug as a giveaway. This person drinks a coffee every day at work from this very mug, which is printed with their logo. Everyone who sees this mug not only perceives the logo of their company but also how the coffee drinker enjoys their coffee from this mug and thus connects something positive with their company.
  8. Useful giveaways are extremely welcome. Receiving promotional items is by no means seen as intrusive as, for example, sending advertising letters or even advertising emails. They can help in increasing the customer base by adding value to your product.
  9. You have the opportunity to use new technologies with advertising material and thus become even more interesting for certain target groups. This means, for example, an NFC chip or a QR code on the Thermo coffee mug that leads directly to the homepage when scanning or can also provide you with information on the use of your advertising material.
  10. A giveaway simplifies explaining a company’s business idea. A classic example of this is the beach bag as a giveaway from a travel agency.


Giveaways are a suitable means for you to anchor yourself in the mind of customers. They are a sensible replacement or a good addition to traditional advertising media such as flyers, brochures, posters etc.

In contrast to classic advertising, which many consumers often find annoying, promotional items usually have a practical value. Also, these forms of advertising are associated with comparatively high costs. On the other hand, your customer is always happy to pick up useful promotional gifts and use them. He can put your company in a positive context. Hardly anyone says no to a practical gift, such as the new folding rule or the USB stick. At the same time, the recipient very easily feels that he has to return the favor.

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