Customer support strategies that will help you stand out


Customer service

became a primary focus of every successful company that seeks to retain buyer engagement and provide for satisfaction at all stages of the customer journey. In fact, a study reveals that customers find the experience more valuable than cost and product or service itself, and 86% claim to consume more for a better service. Therefore, having superior customer service in place secures your business with local consumers and an outstanding reputation. BPO in the Philippines, for example, is known to be the world leader in the industry, hence, outsourcing their services ensure that your business is equipped with an excellent customer service.

Have your support round-the-clock

In today’s world, it is extremely complicated to meet the demands and preferences of consumers. The competition on the market is high and winning customers is challenging as never before. 24/7 support enables your business to be there for every client at any time, and respond to the query or issue as it arises. It is a great opportunity, rather than a challenge, to build upon a strong relationship with customers and optimize the support function for long-run success.

Focus on your customers

Knowing your customers’ preferences and wants is at the heart, and what is a better way to implement that than asking straightforwardly them? Gathering feedback about their experience with your business and requesting to rate different stages of their journey will bring you a clear understanding of improvement areas and further strategy development. Moreover, it is a great way to establish long-lasting relationships and acquire trust.

Leverage multi-channel communication

According to Forrester’s Research, 69% of Generation-Y consumers in the US favor purchasing from brands that offer omnichannel customer support. It may include phone, chat, video, and other channels of communication. Thuswise, you are able to attain customer satisfaction, but also increase brand reputation and reliability. Ensure the support is available through mobile devices, social media, and self-service so that no customer experiences challenges within engaging with your business.

Consider outsourcing

Rather than building your team in-house, which is costly and time-consuming, a great number of companies turn to outsourcing firms that provide complete solutions to the customer experience. Helpware, a business process outsourcing company, can tailor your professional team of support according to your needs and preferences while delivering or exceeding the expectations of your customers. The company is able to provide 24/7 support for your clients across eight channels and handle an increased number of queries within a limited waiting time. The customer feedback system Helware is using will enable you to reassure the high-quality service delivery, while your business benefits from outsourcing in every way.

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