Child Injured During A School Accident- Who Is Liable?


Schools are considered safe for kids, but sometimes they are not. If your child was injured on school premises, the school might be held partially or fully liable for your damages. Consult a personal injury lawyer Atlanta GA to discuss your legal options. 

Common types of injuries that happen at school

Children are mischievous and often get in trouble for getting injured while playing. Various types of injuries can occur at a school, including: 

  • School bus injuries, such as injuries related to poor bus maintenance. 
  • Playground injuries.
  • Injuries at school field trips.
  • Sports injuries, such as injuries during physical education class and during sports competitions. 
  • Injuries from improperly maintained school property.
  • Injuries from unlawful activity conducted by school teachers and other officials. 

Does the school owe your child a duty of care?

Yes. For a few hours of the day, the school owes your child a duty of care, which means they are responsible for protecting your child from foreseeable as well as unforeseeable accidents. 

A school may take steps including, but not limited to, the following. 

  • Provide protection from hazards before they occur. 
  • Getting rid of hazards from the school property or fixing dangerous conditions as soon as they occur.
  • Provide strict supervision on school property, including the bus and field trips. 

Is the school responsible for your child’s injuries?

Any injuries sustained by your child while on school property are the school’s responsibility, and you have the right to sue the school for compensation. Even if your child has got injured because of an activity they were doing, the school still stands responsible as they had the responsibility of overseeing your child and making sure they were not engaging in dangerous acts. For more detailed and accurate information on this matter visit 100baby tips.

For example, if your child was running on the playground and slipped and fell, your school is responsible for not providing adequate safety and supervision. The school is required to keep the playground safe from hazards that can cause cuts and scratches, so if your child has acquired these injuries, you can file a complaint. 

Can you sue a school for child injury?

You can make a claim against the school depending on how your child acquired the injury and its severity. Most claims filed by parents are because of lack of maintenance, negligence, and poor condition of the grounds. Slip and fall injuries mostly happen due to snow and icy playgrounds. 

Children are the most important part of a parent’s life, and nothing upsets a mother more than seeing their child in pain due to another party’s fault. Contact an attorney for help. 

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