What is a brand? A brand is a kind of trademark or a specific name that you associate with a particular company and the product they offer. It gives the company a reputation and recognition, making it a trusted choice. The brand name of the company has to be set after much thought and deliberation, since people will recognize the company mostly through the brand.

Business Branding Techniques

First, the brand name should give the customer inkling about the kind of product the company deals in. It should be catchy and different; it should be something the target customers can relate to. The brand name should be descriptive, i.e. one word [or a little more] should be able to describe the product or service best.

Once you come up with an original brand name, it’s time you set a standard you hope to achieve in the market. You cannot set very high expectations. Like with your business plan, don’t overestimate. At the same time, don’t undermine the brand or set really low standards – as a company you have to be capable of realizing your potential and set a standard that is slightly above your reach.

You have to know about your target audience, and not just have a vague idea – but an understanding of their needs and their expectation. This will help you work on your product as well as your advertising campaign. By researching about your target audience, you will know the places they frequent and you can advertise about your product by putting posters or stalls in that area. For example, if your service is related to providing assistance for Sky Contact, then your target audience are people who are in need of digital satellite TV, HD TV and radio services. You need to find out ways by which you can communicate with such people.

The impact of social media on the world is simply too much to be ignored. From connecting with people to marketing – the social media is a platform for everyone. Create pages and accounts at the popular social networking sites and over the net to create awareness about your brand and the service offered.

A brand name will remain a brand, only if the service and product is flawless. You can’t really deliver a flawed product and expect to have a brand name. Well you might, but you won’t really have people queuing up to purchase your product. A proper customer service, attractive packaging, ‘just enough’ advertising is what you need to make a positive impact.

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