The Internet is teeming with information about the downsides of cable TV and why you should abandon them in favor of some advertised alternative. It’s all good, but before you make the cut, consider the following points-which might just change your perspective. At the very least, you can make that final decision knowing full well exactly what you are doing.

No perfect substitute

Subscription bundling is probably the biggest downside related to conventional cable TV subscriptions – you must pay for many channels you won’t even watch just so you can access the few that you will. In a perfect world, cable TV providers would let your pick only the channels you’re interested in, but this is far from the real picture.

In reality, even if you ditch your cable plans, you don’t do away with the problem of bundling. Every other cable alternative, from Amazon Prime to Netflix and others will make you pay for shows that you won’t ever watch. If you’re lucky – and that’s a big ‘if’ – you may land a streaming service that covers all your viewing needs. For most people however, you will have to get a few different bundles from different providers to cater for all your viewing requirements.

Not necessarily cheaper

Alternatives to cable TV may not be cheaper than what you’re currently paying for cable. Sure Netflix is just $10 monthly and PS Vue is $50; but together you may not realize the huge savings you think you will. From a la carte purchases on iTunes to add-on DVR settings and other subscriptions, you may find that the savings aren’t worth the additional hassle. Just do your research properly to ensure you’ll actually make real savings. You can start at http://www.tvproviders.com/ .

What about live events?

If you’re a hardcore sports fan, cutting your cable subscription could mean a huge headache come sporting season. At present, you can only go for PlayStation Vue and Sling TV, both of which exclude most of the main sporting networks including NBA TV, MLB TV, NFL Network, Red Zone, SNY and MSG among others.

If you like out-of-state teams, you can use apps to catch live games while you’ll need antennae to watch most local matches. Find out whether there are streaming services that can fulfill your sports viewing needs before you decide on making the big move.


You won’t need a DVR for on-demand viewing services (Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, etc.), but you will for PS Vue and Sling TV, which stream live TV. If you’re using antennae, consider how you will record passing events and shows: You have options like TiVo Roamio, Tablo and ChannelInMaster, which allow you to record and keep shows through viewing antennae.

Without using a DVR, you are limited to live TV viewing on your over-the-air antennae. Make prior arrangements to take care of this before cutting the cord with your cable services provider.

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