USA’s association of small business & DYMO has recently survey and they have got a lot small business try to make cuts to wait afloat while their small business feel the crisis of the tight financial system . No shock, right? There is few breakdowns where small businesses make these cuts:

Twenty three percent of respondents have reduced their staff.
Thirty six percent of respondents have reduced their business travel.
Thirty six percent of respondents have minimized marketing efforts.
Twenty percent of respondents have put a freeze on bonuses and raises.

although at the equal time lots of small businesses, Forty five percent are trying for ways to increase productivity. If you plan to reduce staff, it says that sense that you will find a way to staff that have left more productive to take the match. A lot of small businesses are searching technology to help them become more efficient and productive. What is important to remember when looking for technology to help you be more productive, is to not buy too high-tech products that do not deliver what you need. There are so many gadgets out there that promise to make your small business better, more efficient and productive. But, if you do not meet your needs, it will do absolutely nothing for your small business. However, you can try once the workforce management software by Deputy. It comes with a user-friendly interface. It’s quite sure that this software will maximize the efficiency level of the workplace as well as manage the legal obligations which is uttermost needed for a small business.

At this moment four places to look when deciding whether the use of different technologies can be tailored to your small business.

Storage System for small business:

A number of small businesses might find that their staff spends too much time to research reports, forms or other data they need. If so, an investment in network equipment and / or software that allow staff to take all the information they want straight from the system.
Communication for Small business: Other small business might find that their mobile staff be able to work more efficiently if they had Push To Talk technology enabled on their mobile phones. Or who could benefit from a virtual phone system that would get their calls on their mobile phones when outside the office handling other tasks.
Transparent real estate for small business :

A number of small businesses might understand that their staffs are not actually need an office for their work. Sending staff home to telework or telecommuting requires certain technologies to achieve this goal. For someone who needs a network in which employees can access the data. Second, their communication system must be renewed. Advances in telecommunications make it relatively easy to do. You could use a hosted or virtual PBX that would allow all calls coming into the company to be sent to the employee or department. In addition, these solutions often still allow employees to transfer calls to other extensions, auto attendant voice mail is to use a direct appeal, and many other features that are similar to standard telephone systems that are used .

Small Business Relationship for customer Management:

A lot of small businesses already use software such as Sales force, Goldmine or the Act to monitor clients and contacts. If your business is one that needs to communicate frequently with your customers or keep track of the cables you are working, CRM software is definitely worth the investment. This technology will save time and money by not going on a lot that has already been covered, to keep track of leads and opportunities to make money and stay in touch with current customers to through automated processes such as e-mail campaigns to decrease. All these things will increase efficiency in customer relationship becomes more productive.

Small business Technology can help small businesses increase their productivity by organizing data, the expansion of their communications, allowing staff to work from home, and optimize their customer relationships. However, it is important to watch your hard work to understand what technology will really help instead of buying the latest gadgets to punch the marketplace.

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