Uncontested Divorce in Rochester, MN: How Does Child Support Work


A lot of divorce cases are settled before they go to trial. Today’s couples may prefer an uncontested divorce to avoid ugly court battles, especially if they have children. In this type of divorce, both spouses agree on all issues in their divorce, including marital asset and debt division and child custody. If you and your spouse choose this route, you won’t need to appear in court to settle your marital disputes. If you have kids, your final divorce agreement must spell out who gets custody of the children and your parenting time agreements. Also, your final agreement will include clauses on child support. Your Rochester MN divorce attorney will ensure your divorce agreement will spell out all important matters. 

Child Support Award in Minnesota

In the state of Minnesota, child support is calculated based on some factors such as the number of children, how much both parents make every month, medical expenses, and child care expenses. When your uncontested divorce document reaches the hand of a judge, they will want to see child support calculations. Child support cannot be waived entirely since it is a child’s non-bargaining right. You and your spouse must agree to reserve this support, although you can request modifications to its reservation.

How Childcare Expenses are Split

Your children’s medical insurance, daycare expenses, and extracurricular activities will quickly add up. The court wants to ensure child support is provided to cover the essentials of the child including their clothing and housing.  How daycare expenses and medical insurance are divided between parents will depend on their respective incomes. The party that earns more will have to pay more for child support. 

Changing the Child Support Amount

A child support order can be changed. A change can be requested if there is a significant change in circumstances such as a decrease or increase in the gross income and needs of both parents, as well as the needs of your child. Also, you can ask a judge to modify the child support order if one parent or your child gets public assistance that changes the cost of living. 

Enforcing the Child Support Order

A child support order may state how payments must be made. Usually, the employer of the paying parent will withhold the child support amount from their paycheck and forward the amount directly to the receiving parent or the court. But, support payments can also be made through bank transfer, cash, direct deposit, check, or even through payment applications. It will all depend on what you and your spouse will agree. 

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