Stressed Out Lately? Buy These Stress Toys!


There are multiple ways to reduce the stress, different methods and techniques are used for this purpose. Nowadays doctors emphasize the use of toys that may help to reduce the stress of a person, and for that reason, there are various kinds available.

These are several stress toys that are being used for stress relief today. The stress relief toy market has expanded and now there are various types of toys available to reduce your stress drastically.

Here is a list of stress toys available in the market:

  1. Fidget Spinner

A fidget spinner may help you to divert your attention and make you think about balancing the spinner. A few minutes of focusing your energy on the stress toy by giving your fingers something to engage with will help you to slow down and think about things other than stress. These toys may not help you completely to stop the stress but it will reduce some amount of your stress due to the pause and the thinking process related to it. Also, they are great for everyday use and have no side effects. Fidget spinners are available in different material types like steel, plastic, and other metal materials. The weight will vary with each material type for example metals will always be heavier than plastics.

  1. Magnetic Balls

Speaks invented magnetic balls for the people to reduce their stress. They are squishable balls made up of colorful metal and form different shapes. These balls have the magnetic force to help them take the shape of anything. Also, they are not sticky like dough. Different shapes can be formed to help reduce stress. These small magnetic balls look smaller in size but they are very effective and you can take these magnetic balls with you to your workplace. As these balls are very small in size so they should be kept away from the reach of children for safety reasons.

  1. The Fube Fidget Cube

It is similar to the chew toy for dogs. The details of the fube are as awesome as its name, as it includes all the in-demand stress relieving features like buttons, silicon balls, joysticks, and gears. This toy offers all these features in a single package. One of its drawbacks is that its sound may sometimes annoy you while you are playing with it. Otherwise, it has all the qualities of the ideal stress reliever. The stress-relieving techniques in this fube are spinning, sliding, clicking, and pushing. There are 2 types of fubes the 6 siders and the 12 siders. The 12 sider is more interesting to play with as compared to the 6 siders because the 12 sider has a joystick, a gear, a rope, and a finger massager. So, if you get tired of playing with the fube, the finger massager will help. This may be the best toy for a stress reliever.

  1. Squeeze a Bean

The squeezing bean keychain helps you to reduce the stress. These keychains are extremely satisfying for fingers. According to internet reviews, they have become well-known and most favorites among stress relief toys in the market. This keychain needs no brainpower so by simply squeezing the pea shape keychain it will help you reduce your stress. Once the pea pops out it will take no time to go back which creates endless satisfaction. Popping the peas over and over again will make you divert your attention from stressful thoughts. The only drawback of this keychain is that it is not durable.

  1. Pinch Me Therapy Dough

Pinch me therapy dough is very effective to use for stress relief purposes. It gives satisfaction to you when you roll, mold, or knead the dough. Dough playing will never go out of fashion. This pinch me dough technique is designed to reduce tension and they are available in portable jars for squishing, kneading and rolling. They are available in different colors and scents to help you relax and to bring you inner peace and comfort.

  1. Zen Pod

Zen pod is an air pod case that works as a fidget spinner. The case is made up of polycarbonate frame, impact-resistant lining, and classy leather exterior. This air pod case can become an outlet for reducing nervous energy for an iPhone owner. It’s a hardshell case that is easy to carry as it holds the air pod.

  1. Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap can also work as stress relief, as it will automatically divert your attention towards other things because with the pinch of your finger it will immediately pop and divert your mind from anything stressful you might be thinking of.

  1. Bubble Wrap iPhone Case

The bubble wrap case works as a protector and also as a stress relief toy. It will repeatedly give you a chance to pop as many times as you want. The silicon works as an agent to help you to destress easily in a very short period. The only drawback of these cases is that its only available for iPhone mobiles and not for other companies’ mobile. The popping technique used for stress relief is very handy.

  1. Gear Ring

For those, who bite their nails, fingers, and pen clickers, this spinning ring is very useful. They are designed to reduce the stress in such a way that it will not be as prominent as other stress-relieving toys. It will make your fingers busy by its gratifying turns and its silent clicks. Because of its unique gear design. Its stainless-steel design and sophisticated style will make it a stellar accessory for you. This ring is something that you can wear on a day to day basis which will work as an accessory and also as a stress relief toy. They are complex yet classy at the same time which makes them stand out from other stress-relieving toys. Their drawback is that they’re quite expensive as compared to other toys.


Many stress-relieving toys help to boost your energy and make your mind divert from stress, these are small, not too pricey yet interesting toys you need to choose according to your satisfaction. The works on an immediate basis when you start playing with them they will automatically divert your attention towards different things. The toys are different, they have different techniques to be used for reducing stress like popping, squeezing, smashing and balancing the fidget spinner. The purpose of these stress toys is to make you focus on other things that are not stress-related. Hence it’s a win-win situation while playing with stress toys engages you and simultaneously reduces your stress.

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