Most correct habits for a software developer


Make a habit of reading useful articles, books, channels on social networks at least for half an hour a day. Every day you need to “discover” at least one new technology or useful news. It is also considered good practice to go out at least once a month: to attend meetings, speeches of famous specialists, hackathons, and conferences. Well, or at least just spend the evening in a friendly atmosphere with colleagues. In addition to relaxing in all these cases, you will have a great opportunity to make new acquaintances and exchange experiences.

Work with someone else’s code

We at WebSailors believe that exploring the code of other developers and learning how to read it is an extremely useful skill for any developer. With the study of such sources of knowledge, you solve at least two problems: learn how to write beautiful and maintainable code, or learn how not to do it. Parsing someone else’s project will also help you train your code debugging skill. All these skills and competencies will definitely come in handy to improve the quality of your own work.

Test all your programs

If you are often accompanied by criticism of the customer or colleagues on the topic “yes this code of yours doesn’t work at all”, then do not rush to consider yourself an incomprehensible genius or strive to turn everything into “crutches” to make it work. It is much better to train yourself to test your own programs before they reach the customer. The important questions are: What testing methods can the customer use? What could be the weak points of your code? It is better to find out in advance than to spend time debugging and reworking after the release of the work done.

Upgrade your English skills regularly.

The important skill, the development of which is also worth turning into a habit. Almost always when a client wants to hire good software developers, he asks to phone with him and talk to understand the level of knowledge of the programmer. In the world of web-development it won\t go anywhere far without English. We hope that you probably understand that. The vast majority of new books, technical documentation, articles, notes, and even comments in code are written in English. Therefore, it is useful to accustom yourself to learn at least five new words a day, start at least one conversation in English with a client / colleague (if possible). Watching TV shows with English voice acting or singing songs in English will also help. And try to take courses to improve the level of the language at least once a year – such certificates will definitely not be redundant for you.

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