Is this the right time for silver?


Have you ever thought of buying silver bullion coins as an investment or as a hobby? There are a lot of people who have flirted with the idea. In these modern times of online trading, online buying and online selling, physical money sometimes looks like make-believe. Cash used to be king now there is a general uneasiness about physical currency. The online world certainly brought the topic of the value of money to the fore. Do we really need a tangible currency?

This is why there has been an increase in the number of people buying actual physical gold and silver bullion. The value of precious metals like these is not arbitrary, nor does it diminish in times of war, political uncertainty, inflation, economic crashes and global pandemics. Fiat currencies on the other hand, gets battered in such circumstances.

Whilst a lot of people view silver bullion coins as collectibles, they are more valuable as an investment.

Here are some advantages of owning silver bullion coins.

Advantages of silver bullion.

Gold and other precious metals have always been a time-honored part of traditional investment plans. Here’s why:

  • The value of silver like gold tends to go up when other asset classes struggle. Silver and gold are particularly good to have when inflation is out of control.
  • Silver bullion coins don’t attract capital gains taxes, unless you decide to sell them.
  • You can discretely grow your wealth. No one has to know that you have silver, unless you want to let them know to you are looking to sell silver bullion coins for cash.
  • Preppers and dooms dayers are right about one thing, in the worst-case scenario when it looks like the world is ending or some catastrophe we can’t resolve with actual money befalls us, gold and silver may help us get through it.
  • We’ve had catastrophes that we might not have been able to get through if we don’t have some gold or silver stashed away. We survived the bursting of bubble on the 1990s; we survived the global financial crisis of 2008; we survived the turmoil surrounding the EU and its mandate, and while Europe was reeling from Brexit COVID-19 ground everything to a stop. We can look back at the past and marvel at how well silver performed as an investment asset.

Now that we know the benefits of buying silver bullion what are the disadvantages?

When you buy silver bullion coins as an investment, you shouldn’t expect to get dividends or earn interest as you would from stocks and bonds.

If you bought silver as an investment and you hope to make some money from it, you might have to wait a while for the right factors to come together so that the price of this precious metal can go up.

Always sell silver bullion to a reputable bullion dealer. These days, there are many one man shows who will pay you less than market rates for your silver bullion or pay you in a few day’s time after they on sell your silver bullion. By dealing with a reputable established dealer you can rest assured you will be paid correct market rates and get paid on the spot.

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