How you will benefit from Android app promotion?


All developers want their apps to be at the top positions of app markets. But in reality many of them face problems during promotion that mean loss of revenue and unsuccessful projects. Grounding on statistics 70% of companies had similar problems. Here we explain how in two weeks and minimum budget one can get to the top 20.

Screening before actual promotion campaign

Screening is a short-term campaign that includes promotion for all the groups of words and phrases you are going to promote in future. It will show you how many installs approximately each keyword requires per day. It will take not more than 2-3 days but that is sufficient time to check the next aspects:

  •  If 10-15 installs per keyword is enough to raise the app at least for 1-2 positions.
  •  How does the growth of different keywords vary? Which ones need 10-15 installs per day to grow and for which it is not enough (they remain at the same positions).
  •  What low-score keywords easily rise in ranking? Can they improve ranking for shorter and more convertible words and phrases?

Start first installs for fast rising in ranks

Next step to do is dividing all keywords into groups considering their meaning and needed time for promotion.For example, while screening the keyword was at 100th position and with only 30 installs it got +5 positions, so you can start with 40-50 installs daily for it. In this case it will rise 10-15 positions up. The higher position you get the more installs per day is required, so next time you will need 50-60 installs.

To get the best results you should start a 7 days promotion of 4-5 keywords in one campaign. Algorithms will react much better to gradual increases by these words and keywords. So, in just one week your app will get to the top 20th where it will be seen by organic users.

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