Why Business Intelligence Tools are Important to Business Success?

In today’s digital and customer-centric food, business owner’s deal with huge data and that’s why they seek effective ways to have greater control and understanding from their business data.  Luckily, business intelligence tools are one of the best solutions for this. However, in reality, there are many companies or businesses …

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GDPR: Domain Name Ownership Transparency and the Future of WHOIS

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), was born out of a data protection reform effort by the European Commission to provide protection for a person’s ability to control his personal information. GDPR includes a set of rules to protect the sale of personal data by internet based companies like Facebook and …

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Technological Intervention in Industrial Machinery

Gradually, technology in this world ceases to be a privilege for all kinds of people. Today it became a key piece in the business and individual lifestyle. Business management and professional needs to be fast and efficient, offer quality to another individual in this extremely globalized world and thanks to …

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