5 more ways that manufacturing companies can market themselves

Marketing your manufacturing business is important if you want it to grow and rise above the competition. With so many options to choose from, however, you might not know where to start. Here are five more marketing strategies worth trying. 1. How-to videos Gain a healthy following and cement your …

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Things to know about pricing your restaurant menu

Drawing up the menu is the fun part of opening a restaurant; however, deciding what to charge is not always the easiest! Image Credit Food costs, portion control, patron demographics and other factors all come in to play here. There is a fine line between a recipe for success and …

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How robotics are being used in warehouses

Warehouse robots may seem like a new concept, but the idea that autonomous mobile robots (AMR) could improve order fulfilment and warehousing has been around for a while. One company, Vecna, uses a slightly different approach that makes it stand out as a supplier. Image Credit Who is Vecna? Vecna …

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